Music Midterm

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Question Answer
Delta bluescame from agricultural southern worker. planted in work songs (Robert Johnson)
Country music- "White mans blues"music of the white population
Alan Freedcoined the term rock and roll
Chicagoinfluenced by Jazz
Memphisinfluenced by southern gospel music
Texasinfluenced by western swing & country music
Robert Johnsondelta blues idol, sings sweet home Chicago
Howlin' Wolfdelta blues singer, sings killing floor
B.B. Kingking of the blues, sings the thrill is gone
Muddy Waterssings mannish boy
Bo DiddleyAmerican R&B and Chicago Blues vocalist and guitarist
Fats Dominosinger/ piano, sings Blueberry Hill
Little Richardsinger/ piano, sings Tutti Frutti
Chuck BerryFather of Rock and Roll. singer/ guitar, sings Johnny B. Goode
Nashville- Grand Ole Opryshow that made country music famous
"countrypolitan" soundtwang in the voice of country singers
Hank Williamssings your cheatin heart. has a twang in his voice
Marty Robbinssings a white sport coat
Jim ReevesSings four walls
Patsy Clinesings crazy
Brenda Leesings Rockin' around the Christmas Tree
the day the music diedFebruary 3, 1959
people killed in plane crash in Clear Lake, IowaRichie Valens, JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson, and Buddy Holley
American Pie- Don McLeansong written about plane crash
Latin RockRichie Valens- La Bamba
West coat (surf) guitar soundpopular in Cali. Walk don't run- The Ventures
bluegrass musicMountains of Kentucky “Bluegrass Country”: Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Steel Guitar
bill monroesings blue moon of Kentucky
Bill Haley and the Comets- Rockin' around the clockfirst number 1 rock and roll hit
western swingCombines Country, Cowboy, Polka, Light Jazz: Popular throughout Texas, Southwest and The Delta
bakersfield soundPopular in Southern California: “Okies” (Dust bowl migrants from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas during the Great Depression
Bakersfield sound songMama Tried- Merle Haggard
rockabillyinfluence of western swing, southern gospel, and bakersfield
covera new performance or recording of a previously recorded
censorshippublic expectancy of public images and sounds (Elvis shaking his hips was seen as bad)
Sam Phillips founder of the Sun Records co. and "Million Dollar Quartet"
members on million dollar quartetElvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley“The King” The first “Super Star” of Rock and Roll
Carl PerkinsFirst artist to fuse country with blues
Jerry Lee Lewis“The Killer” Nicknamed for his un-orthodox style of piano. Career imploded for his marriage to a 14 year old cousin
Johnny Cashdevoted his career to country music instead of rock and roll
West Texas and Clovisfounded by Norman Petty- Record producer and piano player Invited musicians to use his Clovis recording studio
Roy OrbisonInventor of the “dramatic rock ballad”. Large voice range almost opera like in sound, Many tragic events in his life
The Everly BrothersDon and Phil Raised near Shenandoah, Iowa
Ricky NelsonTeen idol. sings Garden Party