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Baroque interest in Dramaticleads to development of opera and other musical genres
operabegins circa 1600, becomes leading genre. consists of music and libretto.
Librettothe text, usually in verse in opera.
origin of operaeffort to recreate greek tragedy. combinations of existing genres
pastoral genreplay in verse with music and songs interpreted. Idyllic love in rural settings
madrigal comedymadrigals grouped together to form simple plot
intermediomusical interlude performed between acts of play. On pastoral topic unrelated to play.
greek tragedy and operaHumanist scholars are interested in greek tragedy and are curious about learning music in greek tragedies.
florentine cameratagroup of scholars interested in antiquity
monodyaccompanied solo singing in early 17th century
recitativespeech-song, halfway between singing and speech
ariaa song that is rhythmic and tuneful.
types of music in L'Orfeoarias/recitative, duets, ensemble madrigals, dances
affectemotional states or passions
doctrine of affectionsbaroque principle, composer/performer can affect emotional state of listening audience by adding flare.
original definition of sonataany piece for instrument
later definition for sonatapiece for 1 or 2 instruments w/ basso continuo. imitates vocal style but can feature instrument
basso continuo"Throughbass". system of notation that contains melody(ies)
realizationthe actual playing of the figured bass, which varies from player to player
shift in thinking about texture/harmonydissonance now focuses on notes not in a chord, not intervals. emphasis on bass line.
Mariniviolinist at St. Mark's church. Also served in ducal court in Germany.
Court of Louis XIVLouis takes throne and concerned with creating absolute monarchy after revolts.
Where does Louis construct court?Versailles. Calls himself "Sun King" and commissions performance that highlight his rule.
court balletfrench dramatic work featuring dance and music
orchestra150-200 musicians @ court play for this and other events.
Entrance of king had 2 sectionsA- homophonic, dotted rhythms, majestic. B- faster tempo, imitation, counterpoint.
tragedie lyrique5 acts. included divertissements. adapt Italian recitative to french language. begin w/ french overture. includes air.
divertissementinterlude of dancing/singing in french opera. Happens in every act, unrelated to plot.
french overtureinstrumental music before the opera, accompanied entrance of king.
airsong with rhyming text, regular meter and phrasing.
agrementsfrench ornamentation
notes inegalesplaying longer notes on beat, shorter off beats. 8th notes sound dotted/triplets.
suitecollection of dance music, arranged for variety of meters, tempos, textures, mood
clavecinfrench term for harpsichord
preludeintro piece. invited rhythmic freedom, as if improvising. explored keys/harmonies
allemandebinary form. moderate tempo. 4/4. begins w/ upbeat and usually has running 8th/16th notes.
chaconnehas a 'refrain' that come back after couplet sections. Rondeau form, triple meter, stately tempo.
english opera contextcontains Italian, French and native English traditions. Different political contexts.