Music Final

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Question Answer
west side storybernstein
symphony fantasticoberlioz
dire irae berlioz' symphony
dance in symphony fantasticowitches
harriet's melody in symphony fantasticoharriet's melody
story in the musicprogrammatic
la bohemepuccini
stayed to ideals of "absolute" in romanticismbrahms
4 musical characteristics of romanticism1)flowing melody(long) 2)all strings used 3)tonal harmonies 4)range of extreme dynamics
claire de luneclaude debussy
impressionism france 1870s-1910
started impressionismdebussy
3 impressionistic characteristics1)uses whole tone scale 2)obscures tonality & rhythym (floating) 3)light, sweet, and airy
other impressionistsmonet and manet
russian igor stravinsky
the rite of springigor stravinsky
song created chaos + conflict, caused riotrite of spring
appalachian spring aaron copeland
'tis a gift to be simple' shaker theme/copeland's piece
music-no sex-female prophet-communalshaker
romantic era1830's-1900's
made program music berlioz
showed fantasies from opium induced trance berlioz
symphony #5 ends triumphantlybeethoven
went deaf beethoven
"the moldan" smetana
meditative and relaxingsmetana
german opera composer that used deep storylines from german folklorerichard wagner
supersized musicwagner
the ring (3 day opera) wagner
answer to romanticismimpressionism
small scale, attempts to obscure tonality, melody: legato,flowingdebussy/impressionism
daybreakmaurice ravel
german response to romance in 1920's, atonalarnold shoenberg
bitonality 2 scales at once
bitonal work/primitiverite of spring