Music 355 Final

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Question Answer
Which composer is recognized for work on film Broadway musicals?Adolph Deutsch
Who was the first woman to win an Oscar for film music?Rachel Portman
What genre utilizes lots of grace notes?Comedy
Who wrote the score for Walle?Thomas Newman
Who was the grammy & Oscar winner from Cleveland? Henry Mancini
Howard Shore was the composer for The Untouchables?False
Which main title has been re-imagined by both rap & hip hop artists?Scarface
Gangs of NY used a lot of period & world music?True
What musical genre was used in “On the Waterfront” that was similar to “Westside Story”?jazzy score
Giorgio Moroder composed the score what film?Scarface
Who was the composer of Godfather?Nina Rota
In the last scene of The Man with the Golden Arm, what instrument represented the main character going it alone?Trumpet
Which composer passed away after recording the score for Taxi Driver?Bernard Hermann
In the last scene of The Man with the Golden Arm, which instrument represented the woman’s life-force?Timpani
Duke Ellington is a member of which Hall of Fame?Grammy
Which movie used a 12 tone compositional technique in the main title music?The Taking of Pelham 123
Which horror/thriller movie used a boys choir and the waterphone?Amityville Horror
Whose score was rejected for The Exorcist?Lalo Schifrin
In which film did the composer turn the idea of a sacred piece of music titled “Ave Maria” into a profane piece titled “Ave Satani”?The Omen
Who wrote a beautiful piece of music titled “Libre Me” (deliver me) to depict the torment of a vampire’s eternal life?Elliot Goldenthal
Which brilliant composer started in CBS radio?Jerry Coldsmith
What composer was hired for sound effects but was eventually hired to write a score for Forbidden Planet?Louis and Bebe Barron
In the movie A Space Odyssey, Alex North’s originally score was rejectedTrue
What Brazilian instrument did Goldsmith use to make the sound of the apes?Cuica
Leonard Rosenman did not do which of the following in his lifetimeComposed the score for Space Odyssey
Which film did John Corigliano NOT compose for?The Big Country
Bernard Herman used descending ½ step motif, 4 organs, and lots of bassoons, clarinets, vibraphone, harps and serpent, in which film.Journey to the Center of the Earth
The serpent that was used in the score to Journey to the Center of the Earth is classified as part of what family of instruments?Bass
Who composed the music for Beetle Juice?David Elfman
Who was the composer for Pirates of the Caribbean franchise?Hans Zimmer
Which composer wrote the academy-award winning score for The Bridge Over the River Kwai?Malcolm Arnold
What rather odd sound showed up in High Noon, The Magnificent Seven, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?wooden boxy-sounding drum
What two Main Titles make prominent use of a whip?Blazing Saddles and Rawhide
Who sang the main title music for Blazing Saddles?Frankie Lane
Sync royalties arePaid to adapt compositions for TV or Film production
Mechanical Royalties arePaid to deal with the mechanics of the score
When Clint Eastwood writes the scores to his films, he often uses what genre of music?Jazz
Robert Rodriguez is loyal to which stateTexas
Who was almost exclusively a composer for the films of Mel Brooks?John Morris
The score for It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was composed by which Austrian composerErnest Gold