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What is a hymnA hymn is a poor mans poetry and an ordinary mans theology
What is hymnology?The comprenshive study of hymns
What is a hymnal?practical text book in doctrine, known as the comman man's theology book
How can pastors benefit from studying hymnology?They can use stanzas from hymns in their sermons, counseling, and teaching moments.
What is a stanzaA series of lines arranged in recurring patterns of meter and rhyme
What are the 7 general historical erasPlain song, middle ages, renaissance, baroque,classical, romantic, 20th century and beyond
What is plainsongprinciple for music of the western cvilization, and it was considered the earliest form of church music
What are two characteristics of plainsong and what do they mean? monophonic- One line of music sounding at a time. A Capella- With instrumental accompaniment
What is considered the greatest single development in the history of music?polyphony
What is considered the oldest religious poem in Italian language? who wrote it?All Creatures of Our God and King Wrtoe by William H. Draper

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What is the most siginificant event that happened in the history of the christian churchProtestant Reformation
Who had strong convictions about the value of music in worship?Martain Luther
What is known as the battle hymn of the reformation?A mighty Fortress is our God
Who is the most venerated composer of the late BAroque eraJ.S.Bach
Who compossed the oratorio Messiah?George Fredrick Handel
What composer's music is reflective of "Powerful expression"?Ludwig van Beethovan
WHo is the father of english hymnody?Isaac Watts
What Hymn is considered the greatest english hymn who arranged the tune?When I Survey the Wounderous cross--- Lowell Mason
What brothers are considered monumental figured of Protestant thology and hymnody?Charles and John Wesley
What 20th century development has aided the recording and distrubution of music?Technology

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