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MUSI 315 Listenings

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titlealbum; composer; year
Etude aux chemins de ferPierre Schaeffer, 1948
Poème électroniqueEdgard Varèse, 1958
Variations pour une porte et un soupir Pierre Henry, 1963
Concret PHIannis Xenakis, 1958
DripsodyHugh Le Caine, 1955
Music PromenadeLuc Ferrari, 1964-1969
Omaggio a JoyceLuciano Berio, 1958
The Wings of NikeBarry Truax, 1987
Beneath the Forest FloorHildegard Westerkamp, 1992
I am sitting in a RoomAlvin Lucier, 1969
Bye Bye ButterflyPauline Oliveros, 1965
Come OutSteve Reich, 1966
Mild und LeisePaul Lansky, 1973
Valse SentimentaleTchaikovsky, performed on Theremin by Clara Rockmore, 1977
OraisonOliver Messaien, 1937
Bach Cantata #29 / Brandenburg Concerto #3Switched On Bach, Wendy Carlos, 1968
Maxwell's Silver HammerThe Beatles, Abbey Road, 1969
BecauseThe Beatles, Abbey Road, 1969
Silver Apples of the MoonMorton Subotnick, 1968
Appalachian GroveLaurie Spiegel, 1974
StriaJohn Chowning, 1977
A Cold Freezin' NightThe Books, The Way Out, 2008
I Didn't Know ThatThe Books, The Way Out, 2008
An Animated Description of Mr. MapsThe Books, Lost and Safe, 2005
DabJohn Oswald, Plunderphonics, 1988
PretenderJohn Oswald, Plunderphonics, 1988
Idle Chatter PiecesPaul Lansky, 1994
Table's ClearPaul Lansky, 1992
ForeverPete Drake, 1964
Oh SupermanLaurie Anderson, 1981
How High The MoonLes Paul & Mary Ford, 1951
Be My BabyThe Ronettes, 1963
A Day in the LifeThe Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967
She's Leaving HomeThe Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967
St. Elmo's FireBrian Eno, Another Green World, 1975
Ambient 1Brian Eno, Music for Airports, 1978