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Define OCDfailure of endochondral ossification - epiphyseal cartilage necrosis
what can develop if you see necrosis from OCD?fissures or fragments can develope
can OCD resolve?yes!
osteochrondosis vs osteochorndritis dissecansosteochondral fragment separates from subchondral bone = osteochondroitis dissecans - this definiton is controversial
is OCD bilateral?YES- but clinical signs are often unilateral
What are the 5 OCD locations1. caudal aspect of humeral head, 2. distomedial humeral trochlea, 3. medial and lateral femoral condyles, 4. femoral trochlea, 5. medial trochlear ridge of talus
what is the most common OCD location?caudal aspect of humeral head
What are common signs of OCD on the caudal aspect of humeral headflattening of subchondral bone, surrounding sclerosis, widening of joint space, may see mineralized flap
What corresponding lesions do you see with OCD on the caudal aspect of humeral headcorresponding lesion on glenoid of scapula (kissing lesion)
does OA develop with OCD?yes
what is the most common OCD seen on the tarsusmedial trochlear ridge of talus
how can you distinguish OCD on the medial trochlear ridge of the talus?flattening seen on lateral and DP
what breed is associated with OCD of the lateral trochlear ridge of talusrottweiler
what view would you use to evaluate the lateral trochlear ridge of the talus?flexed DP- superimposition of the calcaneus
What signs do you see with OCD of the femur?flattening of medial condyle, sclerotic rim and bilateral

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what breed/dog is associated with panosteitis?adolesent dogs (2 mo - 7 years)- picture is a german shepered
What is a common clinical sign of panosteitis?shifting leg lameness
is panosteitis poly or monosteotic?polyosteotic
what are common radiographic signs of panosteitispatchy opacity in medullary cavity, centered at nutrient foramen, endosteal blurrings, periosteal reactions
What is a skyline projectionsdoes not cross the plane of the body, proximocranial to distocranial oblique- you only see the cranial surface

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What is HODhypertrophic osteodystrophy = abnormal development of young dogs
Where do you normally find HOD?Bilateraly symmetric lesions of the metaphysis
HOD vs HOHO = cancer think older dogs, HOD= think dystrophy young dogs
What can lead HOD to?damage to physis causing 2 degree angular limb deformity
What are the typical radiograph findings of HODdouble physis line, necrosis and collapse of metapyseal bone, irregular periosteal proliferation around metaphysis (may extend to diaphysis and may not resolve)
What breed do you see with angular limb deformityany large breed- picture is doberman
Define angular limb deformityunsynchronized rate of growth in 2 bone system - bowing in ulnar or radius
What bones are effected with angular limb deformityradius and ulna - ulnar is more common
What is the results of angular limb deformityresults in joint incongruity of the elbow
What are some causes of angular limb deformitytrauma to physis, abnormal physeal development - leading to retained cartilaginous core in the ulna
What is angular limb deformity retained cartilaginous coreabnormal cartilage development
what happens when the ulna shortened?radius curves
Valgus vs VarsusVaLgus = lateral, Varus = medial
What are some radiographic findings of angular limb deformity retained cartilaginous coreconical lucency distal ulna leading to a flame lesion (upside down ice cream cone)

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When do the humeral condyle normally fuse?84 days
what is imcomplete ossificaition of humeral condylebilateral failure to tuse
What does incomplete ossification of hymeral condyle cause a risk for?humeral condylar fracture during normal activity
What breed is associated with incomplete ossification of humral condyle?spaniels- also vietnamese pot bellied pigs
what view is best to evaluation the humeral condyle?craniocaudal = 10degree oblique from craniocraudal
what is IOHCincomplete ossification of humeral condyle
what are the radiography findings of IOHClucent line between trochlea and capitulum
what is helpful when assessing an IOHC case?radiograph the other limb!

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define slipped capital physisfracture of proximal femoral physis
what signalment is associated with slipped captial physis2 yo MN obese cats, delayed physeal closure, may be ossociated with early neutering
Is slipped capital physis bilateral?yes
what view is best for assessing slipped capital physisfrog-leg VD - extended VD can reduce the fracture
what type of SH fracture is a slipped capital physis?SH type 1
What are the radiographic finding of a slipped capital physisincongruity between the femoral neck and head of femur = fracture
Describe the location and symmetry of metabolic/nutritional bone deformities polyostotic and bilaterally symmetrical
what are some examples that bone abnormalities epiphyseal dysplasia, metaphseal dysplasia, congenital hormone deficiencies and many more
What bone abnormalities are bilateralhip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, OCD, patellar luxation, IOHC
what bone abnormalities can be bilateral or unilateral slipped capital physis, aseptic necrosis of femoral head
what bone abnormalities can effect multiple bonespanosteitis, HOD, metabolic/nutritional disease
what part of the bone is effected by panosteitis?diaphysis
what part of the bone is effected by HODmetaphysis