Muscles Upper Limbs

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Question Answer
Triceps brachii -Aextends forearm
Triceps brachii -long head Oinferior margin of glenoid
Triceps brachii -lateral head Oposterior humerus
Triceps brachii -medial head Odistal radial groove (on posterior humerus)
Triceps brachii -IOlecranon process
Teres Major -Aadducts, extends, and medially rotates arm
Anconeus -Aextents forearm at elbow joint
Subscapularis -Osubscapular fossa
Subscapularis -Amedially rotates arm
Supraspinatus -Osupraspinous fossa
supraspinatus -Aabducts arm
infraspinatus -Oinfraspinous Fossa
infraspinatus -Alaterally rotates arm
teres minor -Olateral margin of scapula
teres minor -Alaterally rotates arm
Brachialis (dep to the biceps brachii)-Aflexes forearm
Brachioradialis -Aflexes forearm
Pronator tere -A pronates forearm
supinator -Asupinates forearm
pronator quadratus -Apronates forearm
Palmaris Longus -Atenses skin and fascia of palm
flexor carpi radialis -Aflexes wrist and abducts hand
flexor carpi ulnaris -Aflexes wrist and adducts hand
extensor carpi radialis longus -Aextends wrist, abducts hand
extensor carpi radialis brevis -Aextends wrist, abducts hand
extensor carpi ulnaris -Aextends wrist, adducts hand
flexor digitorum -Aflexes fingers and wrist
extensor digitorum -Aextends fingers and wrist
abductor pollicis longus -Aabducts and extends thumb
extensor pollicis breves -Aextends thumb
flexor pollicis brevis -Aflexes thumb
abductor pollicis brevis -Aabducts thumb
abductor digi minimi -Aabducts little finger

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