Muscles pectoral girdle

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pectoralis minorWith ribs fixed, draws scapula forward and downward ( as when arm is stretched forward for an object just beyond reach) or, with scapula fixed, elevates ribs during forced inspiration
serratus anteriorrotates scapula so its inferior angle moves laterally and upward (important stabilizer for actions of other muscles that abduct and raise arm as in forward punching and pushing)
categoryanterior group

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trapezius* originoccipital bone, spinous processes of C7 and thoracic vertebrae
trapezius* insertionclavicle, acromion and spine of scapula
trapezius* actionsuperior region: elevates scapula ("shrug") middle region: adducts scapula (“stand at attention”) inferior region: depresses scapula (and shoulder)
levator scapulaeelevates, adducts scapula and slightly rotates it downward, laterally flexes neck when scapula is fixed
rhomboid majorretract (adduct) scapula and slightly rotates it downward

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