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Muscles Origin Insertion Innervation

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Serratus ventralisCervical vertebrae from axis; 1st 7or 8 ribs
RhomboideusNuchal crest, median raphe of neck, spinous processes of T1-T7
Superficial PectoralFirst 3 sternebrae
Deep PectoralSternebrae & deep abdominal fascia
TrapeziusMedian raphe of neck, supraspinous ligament between C3 and T9
CleidobrachialisCavicular intersection
CleidomastoideusMastoid process
CleidocervicalisMedian raphe of neck
Latissimus DorsiL vertebrae and T6-T13
OmotransversariusWing of atlas
DeltoideusSpine of scapula and acromion
Teres MajorCaudal angle of scapula
Teres MinorCaudal border of scapula & infraglenoid tuberosity
InfraspinatusInfraspinous fossa of scapula
Triceps Brachii-Long headCaudal border of scapula
Triceps Brachii-Lateral headTricipital line of the humerus
Triceps Brachii-Accessory headNeck of the humerus
Triceps Brachii-Medial headCrest of the lesser tubercle
AnconeusEpicondyles of humerus and lateral epicondylar crest
Tensor Fasciae AntibrachiiFascia covering latissimus dorsi
SupinatorLateral epicondyle of humerus
SupraspinatusSupraspinous fossa of scapula
SubscapularisSubscapular fossa of scapula
CoracobrachialisCoracoid process of scapula
Biceps BrachiiSupraglenoid tubercle
BrachialisMusculospiral groove
Pronator TeresMedial epicondyle of humerus
Pronator QuadratusMedial surface of ulna
Extensor Carpi RadialisLateral epicondylar ridge of humerus
Common Digital ExtensorLateral epicondyle of humerus
Lateral Digital ExtensorLateral epicondyle of humerus and proximal extremity of radius
Extensor Pollicis LongusCraniolateral border of ulna
Abductor Pollicis LongusCranial distal lateral surfaces of ulna and radius
Flexor Carpi RadialisMedial epicondyle of humerus
Flexor Carpi UlnarisMedial surface of olecranon and medial epicondyle of humerus
Ulnaris LateralisLateral epicondyle of humerus
Superficial Digital FlexorMedial epicondyle of humerus
Deep Digital FlexorMedial epicondyle of humerus & upper medial surface of radius and ulna


Serratus ventralisSerrated face of medial scapula
RhomboideusDorsal border of scapula
Superficial PectoralCrest of greater tubercle of humerus
Deep PectoralLesser tubercle of humerus & medial brachial fascia
TrapeziusSpine of scapula
Cleidobrachialisdistal end of the cranial border of the humerus
CleidomastoideusClavicular intersection
CleidocervicalisClavicular intersection
Latissimus DorsiTeres tubercle of humerus
OmotransversariusDistal part of spine of scapula
DeltoideusDeltoid tuberosity of humerus
Teres MajorTeres tubercle of humerus
Teres MinorTricipital line of humerus
InfraspinatusGreater tubercle of humerus
Triceps BrachiiOlecranon
AnconeusLateral part of olecranon; proximal ulna, anconeal process
Tensor Fasciae AntibrachiiOlecranon
SupinatorProximal third of cranial surface of radius
SupraspinatusGreater tubercle of humerus
SubscapularisLesser tubercle of humerus
CoracobrachialisLesser tubercle of humerus
Biceps BrachiiRadial and ulnar tuberosities
BrachialisRadial tuberosity and upper part of ulna
Pronator TeresMedial surface of radius
Pronator QuadratusMedial border of radius
Extensor Carpi RadialisDorsal surface of MC II and III
Common Digital ExtensorDorsal surface of 3rd phalanx of II-V
Lateral Digital ExtensorTendons of CDE (III-V)
Extensor Pollicis LongusMC I and tendon II of CDE
Abductor Pollicis LongusMC I
Flexor Carpi RadialisUpper palmar surface of MC II and III
Flexor Carpi UlnarisAccessory carpal bone
Ulnaris LateralisUpper lateral surface of MC V
Superficial Digital FlexorPalmar surface of 2nd phalanx in digits II-V
Deep Digital FlexorPalmar surface of 3rd phalanx in digits II-V


Serratus ventralisCervical nn.(cran), Long thoracic n. (thor)
RhomboideusCervical nn.
Superficial PectoralSuperficial Pectoral n.
Deep PectoralDeep Pectoral n.
TrapeziusAccessory n.
CleidobrachialisCleidobrachial n.
CleidomastoideusAccessoty n.
CleidocervicalisAccessory n.
Latissimus DorsiThoracodorsal n.
OmotransversariusAccessory n.
DeltoideusAxillary n.
Teres MajorAxillary n.
Teres MinorAxillary n.
InfraspinatusSuprascapular n.
Triceps BrachiiRadial n.
AnconeusRadial n.
Tensor Fasciae AntibrachiiRadial n.
SupinatorRadial n.
SupraspinatusSuprascapular n.
SubscapularisSubscapular n.
CoracobrachialisMusculocutaneous n.
Biceps BrachiiMusculocutaneous n.
BrachialisMusculocutaneous n.
Pronator TeresMedian n.
Pronator QuadratusMedian n.
Extensor Carpi RadialisRadial n.
Common Digital ExtensorRadial n.
Lateral Digital ExtensorRadial n.
Extensor Pollicus LongusRadial n.
Abductor Pollicus LongusRadial n.
Flexor Carpi RadialisMedian n.
Flexor Carpi UlnarisUlnar n.
Ulnaris LateralisRadial n.
Superficial Digital FlexorMedian n.
Deep Digital FlexorMedian and ulnar nn.

Hind leg

IliopsoasL2-L7; ventral surface of ilium
Rectus FemorisIlium
SartoriusTuber coxae of ilium
Tensor Fasciae LataeTuber coxae of ilium
Internal ObturatorDorsal surface of ischium and pubis
External ObturatorVentral surface of pubis adjacent to the symphysis pubis
GemellusDorsolateral surface of ischium
Quadratus FemorisIschiatic tuberosity
Biceps FemorisIschiatic tuberosity
SemitendinosusIschiatic tuberosity
SemimembranosusIschiatic tuberosity
Superficial GlutealSacral tuberosity of ilium, sacrum, caudal vetebrae and sacrotuberous ligament
Middle GlutealLateral surface of ilium
Deep GlutealLateral surface of ilium
GracilisPelvic symphysis
GastrocnemiusJust outside popliteal surface of the femur; L & M supracondylar tuberosity
PopliteusLateral condyle of femur
Superficial Digital FlexorPopliteal surface of femur and lateral fabella
Long Digital ExtensorLateral epicondyle of femur
Cranial TibialTibial crest
Peroneus LongusUpper extremity of tibia and fibula
Peroneus BrevisDistal two-thirds of tibia and fibula
Lateral Digital ExtensorProximal third of fibula
AdductorPelvic symphysis
PectineusPecten of pubis
Caudal Crural AbductorSacrotuberous ligament
PiriformisSacrotuberous ligament


IliopsoasLesser trochanter of femur
Rectus FemorisTibial tuberosity
SartoriusCranial border of tibia
Tensor Fasciae LataeFascia lata (fascia over quad fem)
Internal ObturatorTrochanteric fossa of femur
External ObturatorTrochanteric fossa of femur
GemellusTrochanteric fossa of femur
Quadratus FemorisTrochanteric fossa of femur
Biceps FemorisVia fascia lata and crural fascia to (i) the patella, (ii) tibial tuberosity and tibial body, (iii) tuber calcis of calcaneus
SemitendinosusMedial surface of tibia, tuber calcis
SemimembranosusMedial surfaces of femur and tibia
Superficial GlutealThird trochanter of femur
Middle GlutealGreater trochanter of femur
Deep GlutealGreater trochanter of femur
GracilisCranial border of tibia, tuber calcis
GastrocnemiusTuber calcis
PopliteusMedial border of tibia
Superficial Digital FlexorTuber calcis; 2nd phalanx of digits II-V
Long Digital Extensor3rd phalanx of digits II-V
Cranial TibialProximal part of MT II
Peroneus LongusUpper part of MT I, II, V, & Tarsal IV
Peroneus BrevisProximal part of MT V
Lateral Digital ExtensorLong digital extensor tendon of digit V
AdductorLateral lip of caudal face of femur
PectineusLower caudal surface of femur
Caudal Crural AbductorCrural fascia
PiriformisThird trochanter of femur


IliopsoasLumbar and femoral nn.
Rectus FemorisFemoral n.
SartoriusFemoral n.
Tensor Fasciae LataeCranial gluteal
Internal ObturatorSciatic n.
External ObturatorObturator n.
GemellusSciatic n.
Quadratus FemorisSciatic n.
Biceps FemorisSciatic n.
SemitendinosusSciatic n.
SemimembranosusSciatic n.
Superficial GlutealCaudal gluteal
Middle GlutealCranial gluteal
Deep GlutealCranial gluteal
GracilisObturator n.
GastrocnemiusTibial n.
PopliteusTibial n.
Superficial Digital FlexorTibial n.
Long Digital ExtensorPeroneal N.
Cranial TibialPeroneal N.
Peroneus LongusPeroneal N.
Peroneus BrevisPeroneal N.
Lateral Digital Extensor
AdductorObturator n.
PectineusObturator n.

Mnemonics for muscle actions


ElevatorsTry and Reach
Extensors of the shoulderSuper Bad-ass Chopping Samurai
Flexors of shoulderI Digested TiM Tams
RetractorsSmall and Large Retractors Dig
Extensors of elbowTouch The Air
Flexors of elbowPro Body Builders
Extensors of Carpus and DigitsCleatus Loves Ethel And Earl


Flexors of hipI Tuck So i can be Ready
Extensors of hipQuality Hamstrings Gain Ground
Extensors of stifleQuality Hamstrings Tense Stivle
Flexors of stifleHer Stifle Pushes against Gravity
Flexors of tarsusCat Precisely bends Long
Extensors of tarsusBroadly & Spaciously Spread to the Ground
Extensors of digitsLengthen and Longer digits
Flexors of digitsStraighten and Lengthen Digits, Intensifies Deep Internal muscles