Muscles of the Torso

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4
Diaphram Action- InspirationOrigin- Xiphoid process, lower 6 ribs, L1-L4 vertabraeInsertion- Central tendon
External IntercostalsAction- Elevates ribsOrigin- Superior ribInsertion- Inferior rib
Internal IntercostalsAction- Depresses ribsOrigin- Inferior ribInsertion- Superior rib
Rectus AbdominisAction- Flexes trunk, assists in forced expirationOrigin- Pubic bone and pubic symphysisInsertion- Xiphiod process, costal cartilage of 5-7 ribs
External ObliquesAction- Laterally flexes trunk, rotates to the opposite side, assists in forced expirationOrigin- ribs 5-12Insertion- Linea alba
Internal ObliquesAction- Laterally flexes trunk, rotates to the same side, assists in forces expirationOrigin- Lumbar fascia, iliac crest, and inguinal ligamentInsertion- Linea alba
Transversus AbdominisAction- Assists in forced expirationOrigin- Lumbar fasicaInsertion- Linea alba
Erector SpinaeAction- Extends trunkOrigin- Ilium, vertabral column, ribsInsertion- ribs, vertebral column, occipital bone

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