Muscles of the Neck Day 3

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Question Answer
Origin of SternocleidomastoidManubrium and medial clavicle
Insertion of SternocleidomastoidMastoid process of temporal bone
Action of SternocleidomastoidFlexes neck, rotates head toward shoulder on opposite side
Action of ScalenesFlex and rotate the head; aid in deep respiration
Action of splenius capitisextends, rotates and laterally flexes the head
Origin of DigastricLower margin of mandible and mastoid process
Insertion of DigastricHyoid
Action of DigastricOpens mouth and depresses mandible
Origin of StylohyoidStyloid process of temporal bone
Insertion of stylohyoidhyoid
Action of StylohyoidElevates and retracts hyoid bone
Origin of SternohyoidManubrium, medial clavicle
Insertion of SternohyoidHyoid
Action of SternohyoidDepresses hyoid and Larynx
Origin of OmohyoidSuperior border of scapula
Insertion of OmohyoidHyoid
Action of OmohyoidDepresses and retracts hyoid

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