Muscles of the Face

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Question Answer
occipitofrontalisoccipital muscle originate at superior nuchal line and insert into cranial aponeurosis and attach with frontalis muscle, insert into soft structures around eyebrows; SURPRISE
corrugator superciliworry line
orbicularis oculi orbitalcloses eyes tightly
orbicularis oculi palprebalcloses eyes gently as in blinking
levator labi superiorissnarling
levator anguli orisraises corners of mouth
zygomatic smiling
risoriusgrinning (pulls corner sideways)
orbicularis orispuckers lips
depressor labii inferiorisdepresses inferior lip
depressor angui orisfrown (depresses corner of lip)
mentalispout (depresses skin of chin and protudes lower lip)
muscles of facial expression are innervated byfacial nerve (comes out of stylomastoid foreman)
masseterelevates jaw + protract it
temporaliselevate jaw + retract it
lateral pterygoiduniterally - swining jaw toward contralateral side (grinding)
medial pterygoidbilaterally - elevates mandible, unilaterally - alternates for grinding movements
muscles of mastication are innervated byv3 mandibular branch of trigeminal nerve
genioglossusdepresses tongue and posterior part protudes tongue
styloglossusretracts and elevates tongue
hypoglossusdepresses tongue, retracts tongue
extrinsic muscles of the tongue are innervated byhypoglossal nerve
lateral pterygoid origin & insertionorigin: lateral side of lateral pterygoid plate (2 heads) of sphenoid bone, insertion: joint capsule and disc of TMJ
medial pterygoid origin & insertionorigin: medial side of lateral pterygoid plate and maxilla (2 heads), insertion: medial surface of ramus of mandible
masseter origin & insertionorigin: zygomatic arch, insertion: ramus and angle of mandible
temporalis origin & insertionorigin: superior temporal line, insertion: coronoid process
orbicularis oculi origin & insertionorigin: medial palpebral ligament, insertion: skin around eye
corrugator supercili origin & insertionorigin: medial end superciliary arch, insertion: skin superior to middle of supraorbital margin
buccinator origin & insertionorigin: maxilla and pterygomadibular raphne, insertion: orbicularis oris
genioglossus attachment mandible symphysis
stylogossus attachmentstyloid process
hypoglossus origin & insertionorigin: hyboid bone, insertion: inferior lateral tongue

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