Muscles of the Back

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Section 1

Question Answer
Trapezius originmedial 1/3 of nuchal line, ext. occipital process, nuchal lig., SP's of C7-T12, SS lig C7-T12
Trapezius insertionSip. border of lat 1/3 clavical, med. border of acromion, sup. border spine of the scap
Trapezius actionDescending: elevates scap, superior rotation of GC, maintains shoulder level; Middle: retract scaps; Ascending: depress scaps, sup. rotation of GC, retract scaps; unilateral extension of H&N, ipsilat flex of head, contralat rotation of face, bilateral extends head&neck
Trapezius innervationMotor: Spinal accessory nerve (CN 11); P&P: APR's of C2, C3 &C4
Latissimus Dorsi originSPs of T7-L5, SS lig of T7-L5, post. layer of thoracolumbar fascia, post. 1/3 iliac crest, lower 3-4 ribs
Latissimus Dorsi insertionfloor of the intertuberlicular groove of humerus between pec major and teres major
Latissimus Dorsi actionspine stabilized: extension/adduction/medial rotation of humerus; humerus stabilized: raises body towards arm
Latissimus Dorsi innervationThoracodorsal nerve (C6, C7, C8)
Levator Scapulae originC1-C4 post. tubercles of TVPs
Levator Scapulae insertionmed. border of scap, above root of spine of scap
Levator Scapulate actionNeck stabilized: elevates scap, rotates GC inferior; scap stabilized: unilateral - ipsilateral rotation/lateral flex of neck, bilateral - extension
Levator Scapulae innervationdorsal scap nerve (C4, C5), APR C3 & C4

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Rhomboid Minor originnuchal lig, C7-T1 SPs
Rhomboid Minor insertionMedial border of scap, at level of root of spine of scap
Rhomboid Minor actionretract scap, rotate GC inf.
Rhomboid Minor innervationDorsal scap nerve C5
Rhomboid Major originT2-T5 SPs, SS lig T2-T5
Rhomboid Major insertionMedial border of the scap, just below the level of the root of spine of the scap
Rhomboid Major actionretract scap, rotate GC inf
Rhomboid Major innervationdorsal scap nerve C5

Section 3

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Serratus Posterior Superior originSPs of C7-T3, SS lig of C7-T3
Serratus Posterior Superior insertionSup. border of surface of ribs 2-5 (lat. to angle of rib)
Serratus Posterior Superior actionelevate ribs 2-5, proprioception
Serratus Posterior Superior innervationAPRs T2-T5 (fr. intercostal nerve)
Serratus Posterior Inferior originSPs T11-T2, SS lig T11-T2
Serratus Posterior Inferior insertioninf. border of surface of ribs 9-12
Serratus Posterior Inferior actionDepress ribs 9-12, proprioception
Serratus Posterior Inferior innervationAPRs T9-T12 (fr. inter and subcostal)

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Splenius Capitus originlower part of nuchal lig, SPs of C7-T3/4, SS lig of C7-T3/4
Splenius Capitus insertionlat 1/3 of sup, nuchal line, lat aspect of mastoid process
Splenius Capitus actionipsilat head/neck rotation, ispilat flex, extension of head/neck
Splenius Capitus innervationPPRs, lat branches C3-C5
Splenius Cervisis originSPs of T3-T6, SS lig of T3-T6
Splenius Cervisis insertionpost. tubercle of TVPs C1-3/4
Splenius Cervisis actionipsilat head/neck rotation, ipsilat flex, extension
Splenius Cervisis innervationPPRs, lat branches of C5-C7

section 5

Question Answer
Intercostalis originlumborum: common tendon, thorasis: costal angles of lower ~6 ribs, cervisis: costal ancles of ribs 3-6
Intercostalis insertionlumborum: costal angles of lower 6-10 ribs, thorasis: costal angles of upper 6 ribs, cervisis: TVPs of C3-C6 (post tub)
Insetcostalis actionextend spine, lat flex
Intercostalis innervationlat branches of PPRs nearby
Longissimus originthorasis: common tendon, accessory process of lumb vert, cervisis: TVPs of T1-T6,n capitus: TVPs T1-T6, IAP C4-C7
Longissimus insertionthorasis: lat to non-art part of tub on ribs 3-12, TVPs T1-T12, cervisis: post tub of TVPs and IAPs C2-C6, capitus: mastoid process
Longissimus actionextend spine, lat flex
Longissimus innervationlat + med branches of PPRs
Spinalis originthorasis: SPs T11-L2, cervisis: often absent, capitus: often blends with semispinalus
Spinalis insertionSP T1-T4 (sometimes up to T8)
Spinalis actionextends spine
Spinalis innervationMed branches of PPRs

Section 6

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Semispinalis originthorasis: TVPs T7-T12, cervisis: T1-T6, capitus: TVPs C7-T6, IAPs C4-C7
Semispinalis insertionthorasis: SPs 5+ vert above (C6-T4), cervisis: SPs 5+ above (C2-C5), capitus: occipital bone, btwn sup & inf nuchal lines
Semispinalis actionthorasis + cervisis: extend neck+spine, lat flex of spine/neck, weak contralat rot of spine; capitus: slight contralat rot of face, head extension
Semispinalis innervationMedial branches of PPRs
Multifitus originsacralis: post surface of sacrum, lumborum: mammilary processes L1-L5, thorasis: TVPs T1-T12, cervisis: TVPs C4-C7
Multifitus insertionSP of vert 3-4 vert above (up to C2)
Multifitus actionextend spine, lat flex spine, contralat rotation of vert body
Multifitus innervationmed. branches of PPRs
Rotatores Longus and Brevus originTVPs
Rotatores Longus insertionSPs 2 vert above
Rotatores Brevis insertionSPs 1 vert above
Rotatores Longus and Brevus actioncontralat rotation of vert body, proprioception, extend spine
Rotatores Longus and Brevis innervationmed. branches of PPrs
Levator Costorum (LC) Longus and Brevis originTips of TVPs C7-T11
Levator Costorum (LC) Longus insertionsup. surf. of 2nd rib below
Levator Costorum (LC) Brevis insertionsup. surf. of 1st rib below
Levator Costorum (LC) Longus and Brevis actionelevates ribs (helps breathing), assists in lat flex
Levator Costorum (LC) Longus and Brevis innervation lat branches of PPRs
Interspinales originSP of cerv and lumb vert
Interspinales insertionSP of cerv and lumb vert
Interspinales actionextension of neck + trunk, proprioception
Interspinales innervationmed branches of PPRs
Intertransverserii originTVPs of cerv and lumb vert
Intertransverserii insertionTVPs of cerv and lumb vert, accessory processes in lumb
Intertransverserii actionlat flex of neck + trunk, proprioception
Intertransverserii innervationAPR + PPR

Section 7

Question Answer
Rec Cap Post Minor originpost tub of C1
Rec Cap Post Minor insertioninf nuchal line, medial
Rec Cap Post Minor actionextend head
Rec Cap Post Minor innervationMotor: suboccipital nerve (PPR C1), Sens: Greater occipital nerve (PPR C2)
Rec Cap Post Major originSP of C2
Rec Cap Post Major insertionlat part of inf nuchal line
Rect Cap Post Major actionispilat rot of head, extension of head
Rec Cap Post Major innervationMotor: suboccipital nerve (PPR C1), Sens: Greater occipital nerve (PPR C2)
Inferior Oblique of the Head originSP C2
Inferior Oblique of the Head insertionTVP C1, post tub
Inferior Oblique of the Head actionipsilat rotation of the head, extend head
Inferior Oblique of the Head innervationMotor: suboccipital nerve (PPR C1), Sens: Greater occipital nerve (PPR C2)
Superior Oblique of the Head originTVP C1, post tub
Superior Oblique of the Head insertionOcc. bone, btwn sup and inf nuchal lines (lateral)
Superior Oblique of the Head actionlateral flex, extension
Superior Oblique of the Head innervationMotor: suboccipital nerve (PPR C1), Sens: Greater occipital nerve (PPR C2)