Muscles of the Anterior and Medial Hip

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SartoriusAction- hip flexion, abduction, external rotation & knee flexionOrigin- anterior superior iliac spineInsertion- medial condyle of tibia
IlliacusAction- flexes hipOrigin- iliac fossaInsertion- lesser trochanter of femur
Psoas MajorAction- flexes hipOrigin- T12-L5 transverse processesInsertion- lesser trochanter of femur
PectineusAction- adducts and flexes hipOrigin- pubic boneInsertion- lesser trochanter of femur
Adductor MagnusAction- adducts hipOrigin- ishial tuberocity of ishium; pubic boneInsertion- linea aspera and adductor tubercle of the femur
Adductor LongusAction- adducts hipOrigin- pubic boneInsertion- linea aspera of femur ( inferior to adductor brevis)
Adductor BrevisAction- adducts hipOrigin- pubic boneInsertion- linea aspera of femur ( superior to adductor longus)
GracialisAction- adducts hipOrigin- pubic boneInsertion- medial condyle of tibia

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