Muscles for health test

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Section 1

Question Answer
skeletal muscles are made up of bundles of tiny_____fibers
all muscles are controlled by this systemnervous system
these muscles make the heart beatcardiac
what a healthy heart doesbeat
involuntary muscles workautomatically
smooth muscles move food along this systemdigestive
these muscles help the body move as they lengthen and shortenskeletal
there are more than 600 different skeletal muscles in bodyTRUE(ma man!!: this is to jack ,abdel)
all muscles are either_______or involuntaryvoluntary

Section 2

Question Answer
the deltoid muscle is aflat
bicep is a two_____muscleheaded
you can watch the biceps work if you_____ lower arm toward the upper armbend
a two headed muscle found at the armbiceps
the brachialis is a long______ muscle that moves the forearnwiry
the biceps_______the elbow jointflexes
muscles vary in size and_______shape
name for a flat, powerful muscle of the armdeltoid
deltoid helps the______moveneck
muscles move the _______body

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