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Facts about human muscles.

Scapular Muscle Origins

TrapeziusArises, down the midline, from the external occipital protuberance (inion), the nuchal ligament, the medial part of the superior nuchal line, and the spinous processes (spines) of the vertebrae 7th cervical and 12th thoracic vertebrae (C7-T12)
RhomboidsLower part of the Nuchal Ligament, Spines of C7, and spines of first 5 Thoracic vertebrae.
Levator ScapulaePosterior tubercles of transverse processes of C1 - C4 vertebrae.
Pectoralis Minor3rd to 5th ribs, near their costal cartilages.
Serratus AnteriorFleshy slips from the outer surface of upper 8 or 9 ribs.
Supraspinatus Supraspinous fossa of scapula.
InfraspinatusInfraspinous fossa of the scapula.
Teres MinorLateral border of the scapula
SubscapularisSubscapular fossa

Scapular Muscle Insertions

TrapeziusAt the shoulders, into the lateral third of the clavicle, the acromion process, and into the spine of the scapula
RhomboidsVertebral border of the scapula, from the spine to the inferior angle.
Levator ScapulaeSuperior part of medial border of scapula
Pectoralis MinorMedial border and superior surface of the coracoid process of the scapula
Serratus AnteriorCostal aspect of medial margin of the scapula
SupraspinatusSuperior facet of greater tubercle of humerus
InfraspinatusMiddle facet of greater tubercle of the humerus
Teres MinorInferior facet of greater tubercle of the humerus
Subscapularis Lesser tubercle of humerus