Muscle Stuff

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Question Answer
What part of a neuron interacts with musclesAxon Terminal
Is the specific neurotransmitter used to stimulate a muscle fiberAcetylcholine
What is the electrical result of acetylcholine bindingAction potential
Ions released from sarcoplasmic reticulumCalcium
Calcium ion binds to the proteinTroponin
Calcium binding to Troponin moves what protein out of the way of the binding sites on the actin filamentTropomyosin
Structure formed when myosin heads link thin and thick filaments togetherCross-bridge
Move during muscle contractionThin filament
How is ATP actually used during a muscle contractionDetach myosin head and reset
Condition in which muscles are stimulated so frequently that there is no evidence of relaxation between implusesComplete tetanus
Muscle shortens and movement is producedIsotonic
Contraction can be described as attempting to push immovable objectIsometric
State of continuous partial contractions to keep muscle healthyTone
To increase the power of a movement, what is increasedNumber of motor units used
Covers whole muscle organEpimysium
Covers fiberEndomysium
Covers fascicle Perimysium
Is a flattened, tendinous sheetAponeurosis
Holds actin filaments togetherZ Line
Defined by absence of myosin filamentsI Band
Holds myosin filaments togetherM Line
Defined by presence of myosin filamentsA Band
Defined by absense of actin filaments within A BandH Band
Muscle often found in the walls of hollow organsSmooth
Are specialized structures that allow cardiac muscle cells to contract as whole unitsIntercalated Discs