Muscle Origins, Insertions, Actions, & Innervations (Hip)

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Hip Muscles Innervated by the Femoral Nerve

Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
IliopsoasIliac fossa, anterior and lateral surfaces of T12 - L5Lesser trochanterHip flexionIliacus portion: femoral nerve, Psoas major portion: L2, L3
Rectus FemorisAnterior inferior iliac spineTibial tuberosity via patellar tendonHip flexion, knee extensionFemoral nerve , L2, L3, L4
SartoriusASISProximal medial aspect of tibiaCombination of hip flexion, abduction, lateral rotationFemoral nerve, L2, L3
PectineusSuperior ramis of pubisPectineal line of femurHip flexion and adductionFemoral nerve, L2, L3, L4

Hip Muscles Innervated by the Obturator Nerve

Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
Adductor LongusPubisMiddle 3rd of Linea asperaHip adductionObturator L3, L4
Adductor BrevisPubisPectineal line and proximal linea asperaHip adductionObturator L3, L4
Adductor MagnusIschium and pubisEntire linea aspera and adductor tubercleHip adductionObturator L3, L4
GracilisPubisMedial proximal tibiaHip adductionObturator L2, L3


Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
PiriformisSacrumGreater Trochanter of FemurLateral Hip RotationS1, S2 segments

Hip Muscles (Lateral Rotater Group)

Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
Gemellus SuperiorIschiumGreater Trochanter of FemurLateral Hip rotationNerve to Obturator internus
Gemellus InferiorIschial tuberosityGreater Trochanter of femurLateral hip rotationNerve to Quadratus femoris
Quadratus FemorisIschial tuberosityIntertrochantric crest of femurLateral hip rotationNerve to Quadratus femoris
Obturator InternusRami of pubis and ischiumGreater trochanter of femurLateral Hip RotationNerve to obturator internus
Obturator ExternusRami of pubis and ischiumTrochantric fossa of femurLateral Hip rotationObturator Nerve

Hip Muscles (Hamstring Group) Innervated by the Sciatic Nerve

Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
SemimembranosusIschial tuberosityPosterior surface of medial condyle of tibiaExtend hip and flex kneeSciatic nerve L5, S1, S2
SemitendinosusIschial tuberosityAnteromedial surface of proximal tibiaExtend hip, flex kneeSciatic Nerve L5, S1, S2
Biceps FemorisLong head- Ischial tuberosity, Short head- Lateral lip of linea asperaFibular headLong head- Extend hip/flex knee, Short head- Flex kneeLong head- Sciatic nerve S1, S2, S3, Short head- Common peroneal nerve L5, S1, S2

Hip Muscles Innervated by the Gluteal nerves

Muscle NameOriginInsertionActionInnervation
Gluteus MediusOuter surface of iliumLateral surface of greater trochanter of FemurHip abductionSuperior gluteal L4, L5, S1
Gluteus MinimusLateral iliumAnterior surface of greater trochanter of FemurHip abduction, medial rotationSuperior gluteal nerve L4, L5, S1
Tensor Fascia LataeAnterior superior iliac spineLateral condyle of tibiaCombined hip flexion and abduction, medial rotationSuperior gluteal nerve, L4, L5, S1
Gluteus MaximusPosterior sacrum and iliumPosterior femur distal to greater trochanter and to iliotibial bandHip extension, hyperextension, lateral rotationInferior gluteal nerve L5, S1, S2