Muscle lower limb

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external anal sphincter -Akeeps anal canal closed
internal ana shincter -Akeeps anal canal closed
levator ani -Asupports pelvic viscera
sartorius -Oandirior superior illiac spine
sartorius -Isuperior medial surface of tibia
sartorius -Aflex, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh ; flexes knee
rectus femoris -Oanterior inferior iliac spine
vastus lateralis -Ogreater trochantor
rectus femoris -Itibial tuberosity and patella
rectus femoris -Aflex thigh extends knee
vastus laterallis -Itibial tuberosity and patella
vastus medialis -Olinea aspera
vastus medialis -Itibial tuberosity and patella
vastus medialis -Aextends knee
vastus intermedius (deep) -Itibial tuberosity and patella
vastus intermidius -Aextends knee
iliopsoas (combined Psoas major and illiacus) -Aflexes thigh (most powerful flexer)
adductors brevis, longus, magnus -Aadduction, flexion, rotation of thigh
tensor fasciae latae -Aflexes and laterally rotates thigh
Gracilis -OPubis
Gracilis -Isuperior medial surface of tibia
Gracilis -Aadducts and medially rotates thigh
Pectineus -Aadducts and flexes thigh
Obturator internus -Aabducts thigh and stabolizes hip while walking
Piriformis -Osacrum
piriformis -Igreater trochanter
piriformis -Alaterally rotates thigh

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Question Answer
gluteus maximus -Odorsal ilium, coccyx, and sacrum
glutues maximus -Iglutial tuberosity
gluteus maximus -Aextends, abducts, and lateraly rotates thigh
gluteus medius -Aabducts and medially rotates thigh
quadrantus femoris -Oischial tuberosity
quadrantus femoris -Iintertrochanteric crest
quadrantus femoris -Alaterally rotates and adducts thigh
bicepts femoris -Ihead of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia
bicepts femoris (long head) -Oischial tuberosity
bicepts femoris (short head) -Olinea aspera
bisepts femoris -Aexternds thigh and flexes knee
semitendenosus -Oischial tuberosity
semitendenosis -Isuperior medial aspect of tibia
semitendenosis -Aextends thigh, flexes knee
semimembranosus -Oischial tuberosity
semimembranosus -Imedial condyle of tibia
semimembranosus -Aextends thigh, flexes knee
gastrocnemius -Omedial and lateral condyle of femur
gastrocnemius -Icalcaneus (via calcaneal tendon)
gastrocnemius -Aplantar flexes foot, flexes knee

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Question Answer
tibialis anterior -Olateral condyle and upper portion of tibia
tibialis anterior -Imedial cuniform and first metatarsal
tibialis anterior -Adorsiflexes and everts of foot
extensor digitorum longus -Aextends the toes
extensor digitorum brevis -Ahelps extend toes at metatarsophalangeal joints
extensor hallucis longus -Adorsiflexes foot and extends hallux
fibularis (peroneus) longus -Aplantar flex and everts foot
fibularis (peroneus) brevis -Aplantar flex and everts foot
soleus -Ohead of fibula and medial border of tibia
soleus -Icalcaneus (via calcaneal tendon)
Soleus -Aplantar flexes foot
flexor digitorum longus -Aflex toe, plantar flex, and inversion
flexor hallucis longus -Aflexes hallux
tibialis posterior -Aprime mover of foot inversion
abductor hallucis abducts hallux
abductor digiti minimi -Aabducts and flexes little toe
flexor digitorum brevis -Ahelps flex toe

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