Muscle head and trunk

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Section 1

Question Answer
frontalis a-ctionraises eyebrows
frontalis -orginglea aponeurotica
occipitalis -actiondraws scalp back
occipitalis -orginoccipital and temporal bone
occipitalis -insertionglea aponeurotica
obiculoris oris -actioncloses lips
levator labii superioris -actionopen lips
levator labii superioris -orginzygomatic bone and infraorbital margin of maxilla
depressor labii inferioris -actiondraws lower lip inferior
depressor labii inferioris -orginmandible
depressor anguli oris -actiondraws angle of mouth laterally and inferiorly
depressor anguli oris -orginmandible
zygomatitcus minor - action draw upper lip to expose teeth
zygomaticus minor -orginzygomatic bone
zygomaticus major -actiondraws corners of mouth upward
zygomaticus major -orginzygomatic bone
buccinator -actioncompresses cheeks
buccinator -orginmolar region of the madible and maxilla
mentalis -actionwrinkles chin
masseter -actionprime mover of the jaw
masseter -orginzygomatic arch of the maxilla
masseter -insertionangle and ramus of the mandible
temporalis - actionelevates and retracts mandible; closes jaw
temporalis -orgintemporal fossa
temperalis -insertioncoronoid process of the mandible
genioglossus -actionprotrudes and drepresses toungue

Section 2

Question Answer
sternocleidomastoid -actionflexes neck; rotates head to shoulder of opposite side
sternocleidomastoid -orginmandibrium and medial clavical
sternocleidomastoid -insertionmastoid process of the temporal bone
scalenes -actionflexes and rotates head; aids in resperation
splenius capitis -actionextends, rotates and laterally flexes head
digastric -actionopens mouth and depresses manidible
digastric -orginlower margin on mandible and mastoid process
digastric -insertionhyoid
stylohyoid -actionelevates and retracts hyoid bone
stylohyoid -orginstyloid prosses of temporal bone
stylohyoid -insertionhyoid
sternohyoid -actiondepresses hyoid and larynx
sternohyoid -orginmandibrium and medial clavical
sternohyoid -insertionhyoid
omohyoid -actiondepresses and retracts hyoid
omohyoid -insertion hyoid
omohyoid -orginsuperior border of scapula
thyrohyoid -actiondepresses hyoid and elevates larynx
thyrohyoid -orginthyroid cartlidge
thyrohyiod -insertionhyoid
mylohyoid -actionelevates hyoid and depresses mandible
mylohyoid -orginmandible
mylohyoid -insertionhyoid
geniohyoid -actionelevates hyoid, depresses mandible, draws tongue anteriorly
geniohyoid -orginmandible
geniohyoid -insertionhyoid

Section 3

Question Answer
external intercostals -actionelevates ribs
internal intercostalsdepresses ribs in a forceful experation
diaphragm -actionresperation
diaphragm -orginxiphoid process, ribs 7-12, and lumbar verterae
diaphragm - insertioncenteral tendons
rectus abdominis -actionflexes vertebrael column and compresses abdomen
rectus abdominis -orginpubic crest and symphysis
rectus abdominis -insertionxiphoid process and ribs 5-7
external oblique -actionaids in truk rotation and lateral flexion and compresses abdomen
internal oblique -actionaids in truk rotation and lateral flexion and compresses abdomen
external oblique -orginanterior surface of las 8 ribs
external oblique -insertionlinea alba
internal oblique -insertionlinea alba, pubic crest, and ribs 9-12
transverse abdnominis -actioncompresses abdomen

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