Muscle Action

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What muscles flex the Shoulder?Anterior Deltoid, Pectoralis Major, Biceps Brachii, Coracobrachialis
What muscles extend the shoulder?Posterier Deltoid, Latissimus dorsi, Teres Major, Pectoralis Major, Triceps Brachii
What muscles hyperextened the shoulder?Latissimus Dorsi, Posterior Deltoid
What muscles Abduct the shoulder?Deltoid, Supraspinatus,
What muscles Adduct the shoulder?Pectoralis Major, Teres Major, Latissimus dorsi, Coracobrachialis, Teres Minor,Triceps Brachii
What muscles Horizontally Abduct the shoulder?Posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, teres minor
What muscles Horizontally adduct the shoulder?Pectoralis major, Anterior Deltoid
What muscles Laterally/externally rotate the shoulder?Infraspinatus, teres minor, posterior deltoid
What muscles Internally Rotate the shoulder?Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Subscapularis, Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid
What muscles Depress the Scapula?Pectoralis Minor, Serratus Anterior, Lower Trapezius
What muscles Abduct/Protraction the scapula? Pectoralis Minor, Serratus Anterior
What Muscles Flex the Elbow?Biceps Brachii
What muscles Adduct/Retraction the scapula?Rhomboid Minor, Rhomboid Major, Middle fibers Trapezius
What muscles Downwardly rotate the scapula?Levator Scapula, Rhomboid Minor, Rhomboid Major, Pectoralis Minor
What muscles Elevate the Scapula?Levator Scapula, Rhomboid Minor, Rhomboid Major, Upper Trapezius
What muscles Stabilize the Head of the humerus in glenoid cavity?Subscapularis, Teres Minor, Supraspinatus
What muscles Extend the Elbow?Triceps Brachii
What muscles upper rotate the scapula?Lower Trapezius, Serratus Anterior

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