Muscle 1. Origins; 2. Insertions; of the Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle

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Section 1

Question Answer
DeltoidLateral 1/3 Clavicle, Acromion, and Spine of Scapula
TrapeziusExternal Occipital Protuberance (upper); Spinous processes of C-7 through T-12 (middle/lower)
Latissimus DorsiInferior angle of scapula, Thoracolumbar aponeurosis, posterior illiac crest
Teres MajorInferior Angle and lower Lateral Border of Scapula
Teres MinorUpper Lateral Border of Scapula
SupraspinatusSupraspinous fossa of the Scapula
InfraspinatusInfraspinous fossa of the Scapula
SubscapularisSubscapular fossa of the Scapula
RhomboidsSpinous processes of C7-T5
Levator ScapulaTransverse processes of C1-C4
Pectoralis MajorMedial Clavicle, Sternum and cartilage of ribs 1-6
Pectoralis MinorRibs 3-5
Serratus AnteriorExternal surfaces of upper 8-9 ribs
Biceps BrachiiCoracoid Process of Scapula (Short head); Supraglenoid Tubercle of Scapula (Long head)
Triceps BrachiiInfraglenoid Tubercle of Scapula (Long head); Posterior surface of Proximal 1/2 of Humerus (Lateral head); Posterior surface of Distal 1/2 of Humerus (Medial head)
CoracobrachialisCoracoid Process of Scapula

Section 2

Question Answer
DeltoidDeltoid Tuberosity
TrapeziusLateral 1/3 of Clavicle, Acromion, Spine of Scapula
Latissimus DorsiIntertubercular Groove of Humerus
Teres MajorCrest of Lesser Tubercle of Humerus
Teres MinorGreater Tubercle of Humerus
SupraspinatusGreater Tubercle of Humerus
InfraspinatusGreater Tubercle of Humerus
SubscapularisLesser Tubercle of Humerus
RhomboidsMedial Border of Scapula
Levator ScapulaMedial Border of Scapula between superior angle and spine of scapula
Pectoralis MajorCrest of Greater Tubercle
Pectoralis MinorCoracoid process of scapula
Serratus AnteriorAnterior surface of Medial Border of Scapula
Biceps BrachiiTuberosity of the Radius
Triceps BrachiiOlecranon Process of Ulna
CoracobrachialisMedial surface of mid Humeral Shaft

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