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Question Answer
Who was the Guru Sitar player?Allaudin Khan
Who formed new and not traditional indian dance troupe?Uday Shankar
What is orientalism?way that europeans have perceived and represented the east.
What is the occident?west Europe
what is counterculture?rebel against 1950's life, linked to youth seeing a new way of life
Who was Tim Leary?Harvard Prof who said LSD was paralleled to Hindu and Buddhist religious experiences
What is the influence on Revolver?Beatles visit to India and influence of indian classical music
Harrison writesLove you To
Lennon writesTomorrow never knows
Why do Beatles leave India?They think Maharishi is a fake
Bollywood is what?Indian film industry, largest in world
What entails a typical bollywood film?heroes, villans, love, action, comedy, family ties
What is the form of Bollywood music?verse and refrain
Who was Lata Mangeshkar?singer of most Bollywood Films
What is "American Music" influenced by?African americans. Known as native american music
what is a hymn?song of praise to god
what is lining out?leader sings line of hymn, congregation joins and repeats
work song?takes mind of monotony of work. paces work. coordinates team work
field hollerswork songs sung after emancipation, each song fit nature of work
Alan lomaxfolk song scholar, records music. travels with 300 lb gear
Who was John work III?educator and ethnomusicologist. prof ar Fisk Univ
balladnarrates a story in sever short stanzas
francis childballad scholar. Harvard, in Germany. edited English and Scottish popular ballads
child balladedited by Francis Child by #. Ballad Hunters searched for these
Murder balladtells story of murder, usually a young woman. sometimes based on real event
Meeks family murder balladunique to Missouri. part of beldens collection
context of fiddling tradtionsquare dancing and parties/jam sessions . fiddle contests
Ozark fiddlingnot fancy. Hilly parts of South MO
MO Valleytraced to Canada, North MO
Little DixieSimilar to fiddle styles in S. African american players. Central and west MO
Bill Katonfiddler from 1920's. played in Jeff City Radio
Blues played innight clubs, juke joints, street
Blues revived in1960's by caucasians, "Race Records" revisited. singers from past rediscovered
Blues Lyrics wereproverbs. short and to the point
transmissionlistening and imitating
rhythm of BLuesclear pulse, groups of 4. 12 bars, AAB
Pitch of Blues was blues scale
From of Blues wasQuatrain: Refrain
Signifyingway of speaking or writing
Topics of blueslovers