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The System of urban government was constitutionalized through the ?74th CA of 1992
At the central level the subject of local government is dealt by which ministries ?Urban development, Defence and Home affairs
In 1687-88 the first municipal corporation was set up at ?Madras
In 1726, the municipal corporations were set up in ?Bombay and Calcutta
Whose resolution of 1870 on financial decentralisation visualised the development of local self-government institutions ?Lord Mayo
Whose resolution has been hailed as the ‘Magna Carta’ of local selfgovernment ?Lord Ripon’s Resolution of 1882
Who is called as the father oflocal-selfgovernment in India ?lord Ripon
who was the chairman of Royal Commission on decentralisation was appointed in 1907 and it submitted its report in 1909 ?Hobhouse
Under which act local self-government became a transferred subject under the charge of a responsible Indian minister ?dyarchical scheme introduced in Provinces by the Government of India Act of 1919
When was the Cantonments Act passed by the Central legislature ?1924
Under the provincial autonomy scheme introduced by the Government of India Act of 1935, local self-government was declared as a ?provincial subject
Which was the first committe after independence related to Local Urban government ?Local Finance Enquiry Committee - chairman P.K. Wattal

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What are the three types of Municipalities ?nagar panchayat, municipal council and municipal corporation
What is A nagar panchayat ?transitional area, that is, an area in transition from a rural area to an urban area
What is a municipal council ? smaller urban area
What is a municipal corporation ?larger urban area
How are all the members of a municipality chosen ?elected directly by the people of the municipal area
The superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of electoral rolls and the conduct of all elections to the municipalities shall be vested with ?State election commission
Minimum age for contesting municipal elections ? 21 years
Questions of disqualifications shall be referred to ?such authority as the state legislature determines
Which areas are exempted or modifications are present wrt to 74th Amendment of 1992 ? scheduled areas and tribal areas in the states, shall also not affect the functions and powers ofthe Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council ofthe West Bengal, president of India may direct some provisions may not apply to UTs
Municiapal corporations are established in the states by ?the acts of the concerned state legislatures, and in the union territories by the acts of the Parliament of India - one common act for all the municipal corporations in a state or a separate act for each municipal corporation
What are the three authorities in a municipal corporation ?the council, the standing committees and the commissioner
Which is the deliberative and legislative wing of the corporation ?The council
The council is headed by ?Mayor
What is the function of the standing council ?facilitate the working of the council

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Municiapalities are established in the states by ?the acts of the concerned state legislatures, and in the union territories by the acts of the Parliament of India
What are the three authorities in a municipality ?the council, the standing committees and the commissioner
Which is the deliberative and legislative wing of the municipality ?The council
The council is headed by ?President
What is the difference between Mayor of Municiapal corporation and President of a municipality ?Unlike the Mayor of a municipal corporation, he plays a significant role and is the pivot of the municipal administration. Apart from presiding over the meetings of the Council, he enjoys executive powers
What are the two reasons for establishment of Notified area committee ?a fast developing town due to industrialisation, and a town which does not yet fulfil all the conditions necessary for the constitution of a municipality, but which otherwise is considered important by the state government
Why is it called as a notified area committee ?Since it is established by a notification in the government gazette - but it functions within the framework of State Municiapal act - also only those provisions of the act apply to it which are notified in the government gazette by which it is created
How are members of Notified area committee selected ?unlike the municipality, it is an entirely nominated body, that is, all the members of a notified area committee including the chairman are nominated by the state government - so its neither statutory nor elected
How are members of Town Area Committee selected and how is it created ? separate act of a state legislature - may be wholly elected or wholly nominated by the state government or partly elected and partly nominated - as the act says
Cantonment boards are setup under ?the provisions of the Cantonments Act of 2006—a legislation enacted by the Central government
Cantonment boards work under the control of ?defence ministry of the Central government
How are members of cantonment selected? partly elected and partly nominated members - elected members - 5 yrs term
How is a Township administration held ?The enterprise appoints a administrator
Why are Port trusts created ?(a) to manage and protect the ports; and (b) to provide civic amenities
How is a Port trust created ?Act ofParliament
How are members of Port trust selected ?both elected and nominated members - its chairman is an official
Special purpose agencies are created by ?Act of state legislature or as departments by executive resolution

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Which committee was set up for training of municipal employees ?Nur-ud-din Ahmed
The central council of local government was setup under ?Article 263 of the Constitution of India by an order of the President of India - Originally, it was known as the Central Council of Local Self-Government
The central council of local government consists of ?The Minister for Urban Development in the Government of India and the ministers for local self government in states.
Who is the chairman of the central council of local government ?Union Minister for Urban Development
In which state does urbal local bodies not exist ?Arunachal Pradesh
In which states are there only municipalities ?Meghalaya and Mizoram
Which states have 2 tier local government ?Goa, Jammu and Kashmir ,Kerala, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura
‘Local Government’ is a subject mentioned in which list ?State List under the 7th Schedule of the Constitution
A transitional area, a smaller urban area or a larger urban area means ?such area as the governor may specify by public notification
How are various areas determined by governor ?a) Population of the area; (b) Density of Population; (c) Revenue generated for local administration; (d) Percentage of employment in non-agricultural activities; and (e) Economic importance (f) such other factors as the governor may deem fit
Which states have scheduled areas ?Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa and Rajasthan
What is a metropolitan area ?Area having a population of 10 lakh or more, in one or more districts and consisting oftwo or more municipalities or panchayats or other contiguous areas
Which Committee recommended that small town area committees should be merged with the panchayati raj institutions to avoid multiplicity in the pattern oflocal bodies ?The Rural–Urban Relationship Committee (1963–66) headed by A P Jain
When is Finance Commission of State constituted ?Every 5 years