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Mid shaft fracture of humerus will damage which nerve?radial
Surgical neck fracture of humerus will damage which nerve?axillary
Which joint is torn in shoulder separation?acromioclavicular
Humerus slips out of the _________ in shoulder dislocation.glenoid fossa
Humerus slips out of the glenoid fossa _________ in shoulder dislocation.inferiorly
Which root does the dorsal scapular nerve come off of?C5
Which roots does the long thoracic nerve come off of?C5, 6, 7
Which 2 nerves come off of the superior trunk?suprascapular nerve, nerve to subclavius
Where does the lateral pectoral nerve come off of?lateral cord
Which compartment of the arm does the musculocutaneous nerve innervate?anterior
Which 7 muscles are affected in Erb Duchenne's Palsy?biceps brachii, brachialis, brachioradialis, deltoid, teres minor, supraspinatus, infraspinatus
Angie, a 5 yo girl, has her arm pulled very hard by her mom. Her radius slips out of the _________ ligament of the ulna.anular
Which carpal bone is most commonly dislocated?lunate
Which carpal bone is most commonly fractured?scaphoid
Which carpal bone can be palpated in the anatomical snuff box?scaphoid
Which 4 tendons run in the carpal tunnel?flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, flexor pollicis longus, flexor carpi radialis
Which nerve is compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome?median nerve
Which 3 tendons make up the boundaries of the anatomical snuff box?medially: extensor pollicis longus; laterally: extensor pollicis brevis, abductor pollicis longus
Which 2 upper limb muscles are innervated by a cranial nerve?sternocleidomastoid, trapezius
Which muscles are innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve?levator scapulae, rhomboids
Which muscles are innervated by the axillary nerve?deltoid, teres minor
Compare innervation and action of teres minor and teres major.teres minor: axillary nerve, laterally rotates arm; teres major: lower subscapular nerve, medially rotates arm
Which muscle functions as a soft tissue cushion between the most commonly fractured bone (clavicle) and major neurovascular structures (i.e. axillary artery and vein)?subclavius
Damage to which nerve will cause winged scapula?long thoracic
Which muscle is supplied by the nerve that, if damaged, causes winged scapula?serratus anterior
Which muscle initiates (0-15 degrees) abduction of arm?supraspinatus
Which muscle has a closed chain action of elevating the ribs for forced inspiration?serratus anterior
Which muscle is most commonly injured in rotator cuff injuries?supraspinatus
Which muscle of the upper limb is the only muscle to insert into the lesser tubercle of the humerus?subscapularis
Which muscle of the upper limb functions as an important flexor of the elbow and supinator?biceps brachii
The musculocutaneous nerve pierces the _________ muscle.coracobrachialis
Upper limb flexors attach onto the _________ epicondyle and extensors attach onto the _________ epicondyle.medial; lateral
Which muscle flexes the distal IP joints and which muscle flexes the proximal IP joints?flexor digitorum profundus; flexor digitorum superficialis
The anterior forearm is mainly innervated by the _________ nerve.median
The deep muscles of the hand are innervated by the _________ nerve.ulnar
Which artery supplies the head of the femur in childhood?obturator artery
What is the deepest structure of the popliteal fossa?popliteal artery
Why would a person most likely faint after standing still for a long period of time?compromised blood flow to the heart and brain
Name the 3 structures damaged in an unhappy triad.ACL, MCL, medial meniscus
Which nerve passes around the fibular neck?common fibular nerve
Damage to the common fibular nerve would cause _________.complete foot drop
Where is the tarsal tunnel located?medial ankle
Name the structures of the tarsal tunnel.medial to lateral: tibialis posterior tendon, flexor digitorum longus tendon, posterior tibial artery, posterior tibial vein, tibial nerve, flexor hallucis longus
The _________ nerve innervates the gluteus maximus and the _________ nerve innervates the gluteus medius and minimus.inferior gluteal; superior gluteal
Which muscle is an important landmark for hip surgery?piriformis
Which nerve must be injured for the patient to exhibit Trendelenburg Gait?superior gluteal
Name the muscles that make up the hamstrings.semitendinosus, semimembranosus, biceps femoris
Name the muscles that make up the quadriceps.vastus medialis/lateralis/intermedius, rectus femoris
Which nerve supplies the medial thigh?obturator
Which nerve supplies the anterior leg?deep fibular
Which nerve supplies the skin between the first 2 toes on the dorsal side?deep fibular
The primary action of the tibialis anterior and posterior is to _________.invert the foot
The primary action of the fibularis longus and brevis is to _________.evert the foot
Which ligament is damaged in an eversion sprain?deltoid
Which ligament is damaged in an inversion sprain?anterior talofibular
Which ligament is damaged when you jump off of a high surface and land on a flat foot?calcaneonavicular

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