MSK- pharmacology

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AspirinFor TIA.
Aspirin MOAInhibits COX-1 and COX-2 irreversibly via acetylation= Inhibiting TAX2, PGE2, PGI2, causing hyperacidity, decrease n mucosal defense and clot formation. Can cause GIT bleeding.
How to avoid GIT bleeding from aspirin usePPI
Low dose aspirin<300 decrease platelet aggregation.
Intermediate dose aspirin300-2400 mg/day: antipyretic, analgesic.
High dose aspirin2400-4000 mg/day: anti-inflammatory
Aspirin ADRGastric ulceration, tinnitus.
Chronic aspirin useRF, interstitial nephritis, GI bleeding.
Reye syndromeDue to treating viral illness with aspirin in children.
Aspirin toxicityStarts with respiratory alkalosis and changes to mixed metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis
EtanerceptFusion protein produced by recombinant DNA. R for TNF-a and IgG1 (Fc).
TNF decoy REtanercept.
Etanercept usesRA, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis.
TNF-anecessary for effective sequestration of mycobacteria with granulomas.
TNF-a inhibitorsEtanercept. Promote reactivation of latent tuberculosis and can increase the risk of disseminated disease.
Before giving TNF-aBaseline tuberculin skin test or INF-a release assay to screen for latent TB.

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