MSK fractures

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Question Answer
Salter-Harriskids classifaction for epiphyseal plate fractures
Jefferson'sinjury to top head, 2 fractures of C1
Hangman'sMVA/hanging BL pedicle fracture, ant C2
Clay ShovelerCervical, result of flexion injury in low cervical where SP broken/fractured
Chancehorizontal thoracolumbar
Spondylosisdefect in pars inarticularis, best oblique view
SpondylotisthesisBL pars interarticularis defect
Bucket handleischiopubic rami one side, SI joint other
Malgaineischipubic rami and SI same side


Question Answer
Avulsionorigion/insertion site
AC joint separationXR w patient holding weights, 3 grades
Clavicularmc in middle third of bone
Radial headdiff to see, look for anterior and post fat pad signs
Monteggia Fracture-dislocationblow when protecting, dislocation of radial head and ulna fracture
Galaezzi fracture-dislocationfalling on outstretched hand and dislocating distal radio-ulnar joint, fracruting distal radius
Colles'distal radial post displaced
Smithdistal radial ant displaced
ScaphoidMC fractured carpal may cz avascular necrosis, pain in snuffbox


Question Answer
Gamekeeper/Skierbase prox phalanz of thumb
Bennetbase of first metacarpal (thumb)
Boxer5th metacarpal
Bar Room/Brawler3rd metacarpal
Subcapitalhead of femur, avascular necrosis watch
Hip dislocationcommon MVA injury to have impact on knee when hip flexed, femoral head posterior (90%)
SpiralFemoral, tibial, or fibular shaft fracture
Tibial plateaimpact mc on lateral side
Marchstress on 2nd or 3rd metatarsal
Jonescommon athletes, base of 5th metatarsal