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Rotator Cuff and Elbow

Question Answer
Which Muscles form the Rotator Cuff?Supraspinatus
Teres minor
Abducts the armSupraspinatus
Laterally rotates the armInfraspinatus and Teres minor
Adducts the armTeres minor
Medially rotates the armSubscapularis
Most common rotator cuff injurySupraspinatus
Failed empty can testSupraspinatus
What is the innervation of the Rotator Cuff?C5-C6
Pain near medial epicondyleGolfer's elbow (from repetitive flexion)
Pain near lateral epicondyleTennis elbow (from repetitive extension

Upper extremity nerve injuries

NerveStupid shit you did to fuck it upMotor deficitSensory deficitSigns/Shit you should absolutely associated with this injury
Axillary nerveFracture of surgical neck, dislocation of humerus, intramuscular injectionsDeltoid paralysis (can't abduct arm)Loss of sensation of shoulderFlattened deltoid
Radial nerveMidshaft fracture of humerusPoor extension (wrist, fingers at MCPs), supination, thumb extension and abductionPosterior arm, dorsal hand and thumbWrist drop
Radial nerve in axillaCompressed b/c you don't know how to use crutchesPoor extension (wrist, fingers at MCPs), supination, thumb extension and abductionPosterior arm, dorsal hand and thumbWrist drop
Radial nerve
(deep branch)
Subluxation of radius (nursemaid's elbow)Cannot supinateNoneArm held flexed and pronated
Recurrent branch of median nerveSuperficial laceration
- Humerus, Supracondyle Fracture
Unopposable thumbLateral 3.5 fingers + thenar eminenceApe hand (unopposable thumb)
Ulnar nerve (distal)Trauma to heel of hand, fracture of hook of hamateAbduction and adduction of fingers (including thumb), extension of 4th and 5th fingersMedial 1.5 fingers and hypothenar eminence Claw hand (Pope's blessing)
Median nerve (distal)Carpal tunnel, dislocated lunateCarpal tunnel syndrome (poor lateral finger flexion, wrist flexion)Lateral 3.5 fingersulnar deviation of wrist upon wrist flexion
Anterior interosseus nerveCompressed in deep forearmCan't do pincer graspNoneWeakness of the pincer movement of the thumb and index finger
Ulnar nerve (proximal)Repeated minor trauma, fracture of medial epicondyle of humerusMedial finger and wrist flexionMedial 1.5 fingers and hypothenar eminenceRadial deviation of wrist upon wrist flexion
Lower trunk of brachial plexusCompression by cervical rib, Pancoast's tumor (Thoracic outlet syndrome)Nothing permanentMedial side of forearm and handKlumpke's palsy (total claw hand); Atrophy of thenar/hypothenar eminences and interosseous muscles, disappearance of radial pulse upon moving head toward opposite side
Upper trunk of brachial plexusBelow to shoulder, trauma during deliveryAbductors, lateral rotators, bicepsNoneErb's palsy (Limb hands by side, medially rotated. Forearm pronated)
Musculocutaneous nerveUpper trunk compressionFlexion of arm at elbowSensation of lateral forearmCan't bend your arm. Sucks to be you.
Lower trunk of brachial plexus (C8-T1 radial+ulnar)Upwards jerk of arm at shoulderRight hand weakness or paralysis

Rapid fire

Question Answer
Scapular wingingLong thoracic
Unable to wipe assThoracodorsal
Weak external rotationSuprascapular
Loss of elbow flexionMusculocutaneous
Loss of forearm supinationRadial (Deep branch)
Loss of forearm pronationMedian
Wrist dropRadial
Loss of wrist extensionRadial

Lower extremity nerve injuries

NerveHow to fuck it upMotor DeficitSensory Deficit
FemoralPelvic fracture.Thigh flexion
Leg extension
Anterior thigh
Medial leg
ObturatorAnterior hip dislocation.Thigh adduction.Medial thigh
Superior glutealPosterior hip dislocation
Thigh abduction
Trendelenburg sign! (hip drops when standing on good foot).
Inferior glutealPosterior hip dislocation.Hip extension
Can't jump, climb stairs, rise from seated position.
Sciatic NerveIntervertebral disc herniation
Spinal stenosis
Extend hip
Flex knee
Posterior thigh
Gluteus bootyus
Lower leg except medially
TibialKnee trauma.Invert and plantarflex the Foot
Flex Toe flexion
Can't stand on toes!
Sole of foot
(Back of calf)
Common peroneal (Fibular)Trauma to lateral leg, fibula neck fracture.Foot eversion and dorsiflexion
Extend toe extension
Foot drop!
Lateral Lower leg
Dorsal foot
Deep peroneal (fibular)Trauma to lateral kneeFoot drop!
Evert foot
Dorsiflex foot
Webbing between the first and second toes

Arteries of the Lower extremities

Question Answer
Common Iliac bifurcates intoExternal and Internal Iliac
FemoralPopliteal and Posterior tibial (Posterior leg)
Anterior tibial arteryAnterior Leg Compartment
Dorsalis PedisAnterior foot
Posterior TibialFibular artery aka Peroneal

Rapid fire

Question Answer
Flattened DeltoidAxillary nerve
Wrist DropRadial nerve in Spiral groove or Axilla
Arm held flexed and pronatedDeep branch of the Radial nerve
Claw hand (Extended MCP, Flexed IP in 4th/5th fingers)Ulnar nerve
Hypothenar wastingUlnar nerve
Ape hand (Unopposable thumb)Recurrant branch of Median
Hand of Benediction when making a fist (Can't flex fingers 2+3)Median
Carpal Tunnel (numb first 3.5 fingers)Median
Can't bend armMusculocutaneous
Weak pincers of thumb and index fingerAnterior Interosseus Nerve
Winged ScapulaLong thoracic (Nothing connecting to Serratus)
Waiter's Tip (Arm by side, medial rotated and pronated)Erb Duchenne Palsy
Upper trunk of brachial plexus (C5-C6)
C5-C6Paralysis of Lat. Rotator, Abductors and Biceps
Claw hand, Ulnar atrophy, Lose radial pulse with head turnKlumpke palsy
Lower trunk of brachial plexus (C8-T1)
Anterior shoulder injury damages which nerve and artery?Axillary nerve
Posterior Circumflex artery
Shaft of humerusRadial nerve
Surgical Neck of humerusAxillary nerve
Can't kick a ballFemoral nerve
Can't climb up stairsInferior gluteal n.
Trendelenberg gait (hip drops on on good foot)Superior gluteal N.
Herniated DiscSciatic N.
Foot DropFibular (Common Peroneal): Common and deep
Can't stand on ToesTibial
Fracture of neck of FibulaCommon Fibular
Habitual leg crossingCommon Peroneal (Fibular)


Question Answer
C2Face & scalp
C4Base of neck & shoulder
C5Around clavicles, lateral arm (ant & post) (sup. of abducted limb)
C6Lateral forearm, thumb (ant. & post)
C7Middle three fingers (ant. & post.)
C8Little finger, medial hand & middle stream of posterior forearm (inf. of abducted limb)
T1Ulnar end to Tricep
T2Tricep , axilla to 2nd ICS
T33rd & 4th ICS
T4Nipple level (4th & 5th ICS)
T5Infra-mammary fold (5th & 6th ICS)
T6Xiphoid process level
T76th and 7th ICS
T8First 2 packs of 6 packs..
T9Middle 2 packs of 6 packs
T10Umbilicus level
T11Last 2 packs of 6 packs
T12Pubic bone area
L1Inguinal ligament area
L2Deep pocket (upper thigh)
L3Lateral thigh to Medial knee
L4Lateral knee (+ knee cap) to Medial ankle + great toe
L5Lateral calf to Dorsum of foot, big toe
S1Lateral foot then way up to posterior lateral bum
S2Posterior centre of mid-calf to middle part of one bum
S3Perianal area
S4Perianal area (closer to ur asshole)
S5Perianal area (closest to ur asshole)




AAHip flexion, L2, 3
ABHip extension, L5, S1
ACKnee extension, L3, 4
ADKnee flexion, L5, S1
AEFoot dorsiflexion, L4, 5
AFPlantar flexion, S1, 2
AGFoot inversion, L4, 5
AHFoot eversion, L5, S1

Structures perforating diaphram

Esophagus, vagusT10
Aorta, thoracic duct, azygous veinT12


Question Answer
Cribiform plateCN 1
Optic canal of sphenoidCN II, Opthalmic a., Central Retinal Vein
Superior orbital fissure of sphenoidCN III, IV, V1, VI, Opthalmic v.
Foramen rotundum of sphenoidCN V2
Foramen ovale of sphenoidCN V3
Foramen spinosum of sphenoidMiddle meningeal artery
Internal auditory meatus of temporal/occipitalCN VII, VIII
Jugular foramen of temporal/occipitalCN IX, X, XI, internal jugular v.
Hypoglossal canal of temporal/occipitalCN XII
Foramen magnum of temporal/occipitalCN XI, brain stem, vertebral arteries