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Ulnar nC8-T1
Ulnar n injuryFracture of medial epicondyle, fractured hook of hamate
Ulnar n sxUlnar n claw (digit extension), radial deviation of wrist upon flexion (proximal lesion), Loss of wrist flexion, flexion of medial fingers, abduction and adduction of fingers (interossei), action of 2 medial lumbricals, no sensation in 1.5 and hypothenal eminence.
Radial nC5-T1
Causes of injury of radial nmidshaft fracture of humerus, compression of axilla.
Radial n sxWrist drop (loss of elbow, wrist, and finger extension). Decreased grip strength, loss of sensation over posterior forearm and dorsal hand.
Midshaft fracture of humerusRadial n and deep brachial a.
Supracondylar anterolateral fractureradial n injury.
Supracondylar anteromedial fracturemedian n + brachial a injury. Pulseless hand.
Posts majororiginates from anterior surface of transverse processes and lateral surface of the vertebral bodies T12-L5. Flex the thigh at the hip and contributes to lateral rotation and abduction of thigh.
Obturator nL2-L4. Passes through obturator foramen. Decrease in adduction and medial sensation of thigh.
Medial side of footGoes up through long saphenous vein directly to superficial inguinal nodes.
Lateral side of footRuns along lateral track into popliteal nodes and superficial inguinal nodes.

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