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Question Answer
Interferon beta namesavonex, rebif, betaseron, plegridy
avonexIM weekly
rebifSC thrice weekly
betaseronsc every other day
plegridy sc every 2 weeks
se of interferon betasinjection site reactions, flu-like symptoms , hyperthermia, depression, leukopenia
cost of interferon betas6400-7910 per month
glatiramer adminsc once daily or thrice weekly
glatiramer side effectsinjection site rxn, chest tightness, flushing, dyspnea
cost of glatiramer6000 to 7100 per month
fingolimod adminby mouth daily
fingolimod seheadache, GI, infections, macular edema, braydcardia, hari loss
cost of fingolimod7710 per month
terflunomide adminby mouth daily
se of terflunomidegi, hepatic effects, alopecia, influenza, peripheral neuropathy, ha
cost of terfilunomide6850 per month
dimethyl fumarate adminby mouth bid
dimethyl fumarate se flushing, leukopenia, liver effects, gi effects, rash , prurits
cost of dimethyl7220 per month
natalizumab adminIV every 4 weeks
natalizumab se pml , depression, fatigue
cost of natlizumab 6625 per month
alemtuzumab adminiv infusion
alemtuzumab se autoimmune disorders of thyroid, kidney, platelets, infections
cost of alemtuzumab158,000 first year, rems
daclizumab adminsc monthly
daclizumab se dermatitits, rash, hepatic injury
daclizumab cost 8200 per month, rems