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Question Answer
Cardinal signs of inflammationRubor *redness*, calor, tumor, dolor, fever
Neurologic s/shemiparesis, freq or severe headaches, vision/hearing changes, vertigo, paresthesia (pns and needles sensation), changes in mm tone, weakness: atrophy, abnormal deep tendon (or other) reflexes, problems with coordination or balance; falling; involuntary mvmt; tremors, radicular p!, memory loss, paralysis, mood swings; hallucinations
s/s of MISevere substernal chest p! or squeezing pressure; p! possibly radiating down both arms but usually the L arm; feeling of indigestion; angina lasting for 30 min or more; angina unrelieved be rest or nitroglycerine; chest p! unrelieved be a change in position; nausea; pallor, diaphoresis, SOB
S/S of Abdominal aortic aneurysmpalpable pulsating abdominal mass; abdominal "Heart beat" felt by the pt when lying donw; dull ache in the mid-abdominal left flank or low back that may indicate aand impending rupture
s/s suggesting arterial diseaseintermitten claudication; reduced or absent pulses distal to the obstruction; burning p! at rest; rest p! may be aggravated by elevating the involved limb and relieved by positioning the involved limb below the level of the heart
intermittent claudicationlimping due to p!, ache, or cramp in the mm of the lower extremities caused by ischemia or insufficient BF
s/s suggesting venous disorderswelling, warmth and blue discolorationof the involved limb, pain in the involved limb, dependent edema, prominence of superficial veins, skin ulcerations and tenderness
Hematologic s/sskin color and nail bed changes, bleeding:nose, gums, easy bruising, melena, hemarthrosis, mm hemorrhage, hematoma, fatigue, dyspnea, weakness, rapid pulse, palpitations, confusion, irritability, headache
s/s suggesting acute hemarthrosis (hemophilia)aura or prickling sensation, decr ROM, p!, swelling/effusion, tenderness, heat
s/s pulmonary disordercough, hoarseness, sputum, hemoptysis, SOB, night sweats, sweats anytime, pleural p!, cyanosis, clubbing, positive findings on auscultations
general s/s suggesting cancerconstant, intense p!, especially bone p! at night; unexplained weight loss, most clients in p! are inactive and gain weight, loss of appetite, excessive fatigue, unusual lumps thickening, change in a lump or mole sore that does not heal, other unusual skin lesions or rash, unusual or prolonged bleeding or discharge anywhere, change in bowel/bladder habits, chronic cough or hoarseness, change in voice, rapid onset of digital clubbing (10-14 days), (Proximal)--> mm weakness, esp when accompanied by change in one or more deep tendon reflexes
s/s lung cancerhemoptysis, dyspnea, wheezing, seizure, recurrent pneumonia, sudden unexplained weight loss
s/s brain metastasisheadache, nausea, vomiting, malaise, anorexia, weakness, alternation in mental process
s/s SC metastasisback p! (localized/referred) mm weakness, loss of lower extremity sensation, bowel and bladder incontinence, hyperactive lower extremity reflexes and spacsticity
s/s pstepgemoc sarcomap! and swelling of the involved body part; loss of motion of the involved jt and loss of fx of adjacent jts; tender lump; pathologic fx, pathologic fx, occasional weight loss, malaise, fatigue
s/s GI abdominal p!; indigestion (heartburn), difficulty in swallowing, nausea, diarrhea, change in stools/change in bowel habits, fecal incontinence, rectal bleeding, skin rash followed by jt p! (Crohn's disease)
s/s hepatic/biliary change in taste/smell, anorexia, feeling of abdominal fullness, ascites, asterixis (mm tremors), change in urine color (dark, cola-colored), light-colored stools, change in skin color (yello, green), skin changes (rash, itching, purpura, spider angiomas, palmar erythema)
s/s gallbladder diseasep! freqently begins in the epigastric region and then localized to the RUQ (p! may radiate to the right shoulder or scapula) Jaudice (results from blockage of common bile duct, fever and chills, indigestion, nausea, intolerance to fatty foods