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What percentage of RNAs were reco as polairsed in one investigationAs many as 70% of 2314
How big is the ZBbp recog element?How is it organisedBipartite motifs secondary structure is key
What does egalitarian recog?A'form RNA helix in a leader element
Where does general degradation control dist?Hsp83 Protected specifically within the germ plasm. In the absence of the deadenylation machinery + Samug it localises throughout
What does RNA localisation underlie?Patterning cell migration and assymetric divison
Where was localisation 1st discovered?Early embyros recog as a patterning determinant
What were the first differentiated cells to show polaisationCmk2a @ dendrites of hippocampal nuerones
Cool examples of localisation in fate det:Cleavage stage embryos localise cdx2 @ 8-16 cell stage to pass on to outer cells- induce trophectoderm. Prospero at basasl pole of the NB activates expression of GMC genes
What percentage of RNAs are AB localised? Which are prevalent examplesCrb/Sdt and PatJ show sub apical loc within follicular epithilium
Interesting open questionsto what extent are ncRNAs regulated localisation, How does signalling influence localisation
What is an emerging theme in transportassociation with translation- cargos are released by phosphorylation ie Zbp1 and Fmp

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