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Mr Costals Honors English 2 Vocabulary

Updated 2007-03-12 07:45
Question Answer
Throes (n)in the grips of something, in the middle of something
Aloof (a)apart, standoffish
Denounce (v)condemn, criticize
Galvanize (v)stimulate by shock, stir up
Heresy (n)opinion contrary to popular belief
Illicit (a)illegal
Infinitesimal (a)exceedingly small
Lassitude (n)weariness, tiredness
Languor (n)weariness, tiredness
Nuance (n)subtle differences, usually in color or meaning
Diminutive (v)to lessen, to reduce in size
Ominous (a)threatening
Prattle (v/n)babble
Prudence (n)caution, care
Reprehensible (a)deserving blame
Resplendent (a)dazzling, sparkling
Sporadic (a)occurring inconsistently, irregularly
Superfluous (a)excessive, unnecessary
Scanty (a)meager, insufficient
Sage (n)one with wisdom
Ratify (v)formally approve, verify
Avarice (n)greed
Curmudgeon (n)surly or angry fellow
Skeptic (n)doubter
Rancor (n)bitterness, hatred
Preposterous (a)absurd, ridiculous
Pious (a)strictly religious, faithful
Devout (a)strictly religious, faithful
Obtuse (a)stupid, blunt
Morose (a)sad, depressed
Melancholy (a)sad, depressed
Sullen (a)sad, depressed
Animosity (n)active anger/hatred
Atrophy (v)waste away
Cryptic (a)hidden, mysterious
Despondent (a)sad, gloomy
Embellish (v)adorn, exaggerate
Usurp (v)seize another’s power
Vacillate (v)to fluctuate
Venerate (v)celebrate, respect with importance
Revere (v)celebrate, respect with importance
Veracity (n)truthfulness
Dissonance (n)conflict, usually in the arts
Cacophony (n)loud discord, noise
Dissident (n)someone opposed to establish beliefs
Espouse (v)adopt or support
Evince (v)to clearly show or explain
Frivolous (a)lacking seriousness
Hallowed (a)sacred, holy
Idiosyncrasy (n)odd or unusual personal trait
Supercilious (a)arrogant, conceited
Sedentary (a)sitting, not moving
Repudiate (v)disown, disclaim
Disavow (v)disown, disclaim
Recant (v)disown, disclaim