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Law Review

Question Answer
HIPAA enforced byOffice of Civil Rights of Dept of HHS
PPP act enforced byConsumer Product Safety Commission
Drug recallsClass I is most serious; Class III not likely to cause AE
Counseling requirements in MImust counsel patient on every new Rx in MI
BOP members11 total- 6 RPh, 4 public, 1 tech; 4 yr terms, 2 terms and 1 partial; are appointed by governor
Disciplinary subcommittee info3 professional and 2 public members; at least 1 public member must agree with sanction; chair is a public member
Preceptor requirements in MImust have 1 yr of practice; NMT 2 interns per RPh
Required licenses in pharmacypharmacy license, CS license, DEA registration
How often to inspect hospice boxweekly
PA CS prescribingC2-C5
NP CS prescribingC3-C5
NMW CS prescribingC3-C5
RN CS prescribingcan NOT be delegated CS
CRNA CS prescribingcan NOT write CS Rx
Thing RPh cannot change on Rx upon consultation with Drpt name, CS prescribed, prescribers signature
How many drugs allowed on hand-written Rxup to 4 drugs
How many drugs allowed on E-Rxup to 6 drugs
Non-CS Rx are good for how long1 year from date written
How long to keep Rx recordsDEA says 2 yr, PHC says 5 yrs, Med Part D says 10yr
Transfer caution on label required forC2-C4
ADP data keeping requirementspreserve records x5yrs; 16 months of data must have instant access onsite and available immediately; >16 months must be made available in 72 hrs
How often to inspect all areas where drugs are stored in hospitalno less than every 6 month
How often P&T to meet at a minimum quarterly
How often to audit night box (if there is one)at least q30days; have to document removal of drugs within 48 hrs
In LTCF, RPh must do DUR on all patients how oftenat least once a month
DEA 222 formordering C2
DEA 41 formdestruction of CS
DEA 106 formfor reporting loss/theft of CS
DEA 224 formapplication for registration
DEA 224aapplication for registration renewal
DEA 224baffidavit for chain renewal form
How long supplier has to fill DEA 222 form60 days
C2 Rx are valid for90 days from date written (no post dating allowed)
Partial fills on C2if pharmacy has full supply and pt only wants partial fill the rest of the Rx is voided; if not enough, can partial fill and supply remainder within 72 hrs; for LTCF or terminal illness pt, have 60 days to supply remainder of C2
Must get Rx for emergency C2 how soonhandwritten within 7 days
C3 and C4 Rx valid for6 months from date written or 5 refills (C5 no time limit); can partial fill, same time limit applies (6 mo)
CS inventory requirements in MIannual inventory between Apr 1 and Jun 30 required; must be sent to board (not DEA)
CS record keepingkeep Rx for 5years, after 3 years electronic duplicate can be original; keep all other records (i.e. invoices, inventories) for 2 years
Signature logrequired by DEA for CS; hard-copy CPU printout, RPh must sign and verify within 72hrs; bound log-book (hand written) RPh must sign- keep onsite for 2 years
Must keep inpt Rx orders (pt chart) for5 years
How soon to report to MAPsnext business day
How long to keep PSE sales2 years after last entry
PSE selling maxNTM 3.6g per day; NMT 9g in 30 day period
Exp date for CPMP60 days
Report loss or theft of CSMI BOP requires all loss to be reported to them within 10 days; DEA only requires you to report significant loss and this is within 1 business day; use DEA 106 form
Classes requiring med guidesADHD, bisphosphonates, NSAIDs, PPI, AD, AP
Multidose vials expBUD sis 28 days unless otherwise stated
How long do you have to report change in PIC30 days
X DEA # required forbuprenorphine when used for substance abuse
How soon to notify DEA in change in POAwithin 6 hours
DEA CS inventoryrequired biennial