MPJE Key Times

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Question Answer
notify dea of theft/significant loss (+police)one business day
report to mapsone business day
back up rx files/pharmacy application one business day
review night box orders / removed meds48 hours
enter refills into adp if filled during downtime48 hours
records available to discharged patient48 hours
central records readily retrievable48 hours
how often can an individual purchase exempt CV productq 48 hours
Completion for partial CII must be done within72 hours
If data from ADP is greater than 16 months old how soon must it be available if requested72 hours
Length a sealed drug disposal liner can be stored at LTCF72 hours
obtain written + signed Rx for oral ECII - what to do if not?7 days - notify board + DEA
Correct MAPS errors7 days
Obtain Rx/order from physician w/in hospital for immediate admin for patiet7 days
Max day qty NP/NMW can Rx for CII7 days
ONLY Facilities NP/NMW can write limited CII Rx fromPts discharged from hospital / FS surgical facility or hospice
how often must RPh inspect hospice boxes (open/expired)weekly
time limit to report CS theft/loss to Board (via DEA 106 form)10 days
time frame to report adverse events to Board/FDA retarding compounding10 days
must notify DEA ____ days prior to storing CS records centrally14 days
Notify DEA of closing pharmacy / transfer of CS14 days
Notify DEA (in writing) circumstances of missing PSE15 days
Notify board of change in: Name30 days
Notify board of change in: address30 days
Notify board of change in: PIC30 days
Notify board of change in: owner / management30 days
Notify board of change in: location30 days
Notify board of change in: student unenrolled in pharmacy schol30 days
Notify board of complaint filed against you30 days
RPh med review in skilled nursing facility everymonth
RPh must audit night box everymonth
How often must internet pharmacies report to DEAmonthly
Grace period for RPh license renewal after expiration60 days (after, license is null and void)
Supplier deadline to fill DEA 222 form60 days
Latest expiration on CPMP60 days (or the date of drug expiring soonest if < 60 d)
CII partial fill expiration for patient in LTCF/hospice/terminal ill60 days
CII Rx good for90 days
How often must hospital PT committee meet90 days
How long must pharmacy maintain Rx receipts for90 days
how often must CS advisory committee meet90 days
how often inspect all areas where drugs are in hospital6 months
Emergency scheduling time period6 months (can + 6 months)
CIII - IV Rx expiration6 months
Expiration of drug donated to cancer/unused program must be at least6 months
Inter/Limite-Temp tech licenses must be renewedannually
CS inventory (Michigan), how oftenannually
Pharmacy required to self-certify with DEA (NPLEX/PSE products)annually
Review medication night box list1 year
Non-CS Rx good for 1 year
RPh license renewal requirements > 1 year < 2 year15 hours CE, 1 pain mgmt
when ADP data < 16 months old needs to be availableimmediately
Pilot project max length18 months (can + 18 months)
Pharmacy license renewal every2 years
CS license renewal every2 years
RPh license renewal every2 years
Full technician license renewal every2 years
Manufacture/ wholesaler license renewal every2 years
RPh CE requirements every 2 years30 hours; 10 live, 1 pain
Technician CE requirements every 2 years20 hours - 5 live, 1 pain, 1 law, 1 med safety
How long to keep CS Invoices / DEA forms2 years
DEA registration renewed every3 years
Paper Rx can be stored as electronic only after3 years
Need to keep CE records for4 years
Board members serve for2 x 4 year terms + 1 partial
Paper and electronic Rx must be stored for (including ADP and ADD)5 years
ALL records from program for utilization of unused rx drugs / cancer drug repo (doner and recipient + destruction)5 years
Save HIPAA acknowledgements6 years
Save Medicaid Rx/signature log/offer to counsel7 years
Medicare Part D Rx10 years
Need to be 18 yo to...purchase exempt CV, PSE products, nicotine products, and donate to cancer drug repo
Low-risk BUD room temp48 hours
Low-risk BUD frozen45 days
medium-risk BUD room temp30 hours
medium-risk BUD frozen45 days
high risk BUD room temp24 hours
high-risk BUD frozen45 days
immediate use BUD room temp1 hour (excludes ampules, must be used immediately)
RPh CAN change on Rx (agreement w/ prescriber)pt address, dosage form (not drug), strength, qty, direction, date written
RPh can NOT change on RxPt name, substance (unless brand to generic), prescriber/signature, "do not fill until" date
CS signature log must be maintained for2 years
NPLEX log must be maintained for2 years