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Indiana MPJE Help

Question Answer
BOP members6 RPh (one must be hospital RPh), 1 public; 4 yr term, no limit on number of terms
Practical experience requirements1500 hrs
Licensure renewal schedulebiennial (even yrs); expires Jun 30
CEU30 hrs q2y; NMT 6 hr of business or CPU related CE; at least half must be ACPE approved; at least 4/5 must be pharmacy practice related; CE biennium runs from Jan 1 of even yrs to Dec 31 of odd years
Tech requirementsmust be licensed (not registered or certified); training requirements, but no exam; max ration of tech to RPh is 4 to 1
Time limit on Rx refill1 year from date of issue
How long to keep Rx records2 years
Who can prescribe ADD meds to kidsonly MD, DO, and NP are allowed to in accordance with tx guidelines
If RPh license is provoked, how long until can get new one7 years
Summary suspensionan emergency suspension of RPh license for 90d
Recognized prescribersPhysician (MD and DO), vet, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, NP, PA
Generic drugs/substitution caveats orange book used to determine equivalents; RPh must inform customer of sub; IN does NOT have formulary for generic selection; 2 line Rx forms required; must have “ ___ generic for ___” on label
Medicaid/CHIP substitutionRPh shall substitute generic equivalent UNLESS both are met- signature on DAW line AND “Brand medically necessary” written on face of Rx
Rx must contain what 6 thingsname and address of pt; date of issue; name and strength of drug; directions; name of practitioner; signature
Tx program for impaired RPhPharmacist Recovery Network (PRN)
Inactive licenseexempt from CE but still pays fees
Expired licenseRPh doesn’t pay the fees and no CE
May fill out of state Rx fromMD/DO, vets, dentists, podiatrists
Category 1 pharmacy permitretail permit for pharmacy
Category 2 pharmacy permitinstutional permit; may operate remote locations (ADD, telepharmacy, etc.)
Category 3 pharmacy permitpermit for closed door pharmacy (i.e. central fill, mail order)
Qualifying pharmacistRPh who accepted legal responsibility for the legal operation of the pharmacy; only allowed to be qual. RPh at 1 pharmacy (unless cat 2, then exceptions apply)
Transfer of pharmacypermit is not transferrable to location of person; law allows 10days after change to submit new application
Can only return and reuse med ifinstutional facility, hospice, or county jail; returned unopened and in manufacturers original packaging; can ONLY reuse CS unless Cat 2 permit
How long to keep your CE records3 years
Sentinel event defunexpected serious AE that can result in life-threatening condition, prolonged hospitalization, or death
Continuous quality improvement committeein inst. Pharmacy; are to conduct a review of quality related events at least q3mo
Electronic data processing systemsBOP must approve system before its use; must keep hard copy printout of daily activity for 5 years;
How often to review policy and procedure manual for sterile productsannually
IN counseling rulemust OFFER to counsel for all Rx (new and refills)
Techs mayaccept refill requests or renewals over the phone
Techs may NOTaccept new Rx over the phone, counsel, or give advice
HIPAA enforced byOffice of Civil Rights of Dept of HHS
PPP act enforced byConsumer Product Safety Commission
Drug recallsClass I is most serious; Class III not likely to cause AE
Transfer caution on label required forC2-C4
DEA 222 formordering C2
DEA 41 formdestruction of CS
DEA 106 formfor reporting loss/theft of CS
DEA 224 formapplication for registration
DEA 224aapplication for registration renewal
DEA 224baffidavit for chain renewal form
How long supplier has to fill DEA 222 form60 days
C2 Rx are valid for90 days from date written (no post dating allowed)
Partial fills on C2if pharmacy has full supply and pt only wants partial fill the rest of the Rx is voided; if not enough, can partial fill and supply remainder within 72 hrs; for LTCF or terminal illness pt, have 60 days to supply remainder of C2
Must get Rx for emergency C2 how soonhandwritten within 7 days
C3 and C4 Rx valid for6 months from date written or 5 refills (C5 no time limit); can partial fill, same time limit applies (6 mo)
X DEA # required forbuprenorphine when used for substance abuse
How soon to notify DEA in change in POAwithin 6 hours
DEA CS inventoryrequired biennial