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Section 1

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Flexion (neck)Putting neck down to chin
Extension (neck)Moving neck back towards your back
Lateral Flexion (neck)Moving neck side to side towards shoulders
Lateral Rotation (neck)Shaking head no
Flexion (finger)Pointing finger towards the ground
Extension (finger)Pointing finger straight forward
Abduction (finger)Moving finger away from hand
Addiction (finger) Moving finger towards the hand

Section 2

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Flexion (wrist)Pointing hand down towards ground
Extension (wrist)Pointing hand up towards the sky
Pronation (wrist)Turing the wrist so knuckles face up
Supination (wrist)Turning the wrist so knuckles are facing down
Ulnar Deviation (wrist) Hand is up and turn wrist so hand now faces away from body
Radial Deviation (wrist)Hand is up and turn wrist so hand now faces toward body
Flexion (elbow)Curling bicep
Extension (elbow)Straightening arm down
Pronation (elbow)Turning hand so palm is face down
Supination (elbow)Turning hand so palm is face up

Section 3

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Abduction (scapula)crossing arms over chest and squeezing
Adduction (scapula)Arms out wide (superman) then trying to bring them together across ur back
Elevation (scapula)shrugging shoulders up
Depression (scapula)shrugging shoulders down
Protraction (scapula)Moving arms forward and extending the shoulder
Retraction (scapula)Moving arms back
Flexion (spine)bending body down touching toes
Extension (spine)leaning back (limbo)
Lateral Flexion (spine)Moving spine side to side
Lateral Rotation (spine)cracking back

Section 4

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Flexion (shoulder)Raising arm up
Extension (shoulder)lowering arm down beside body
Abduction (shoulder)raising arm up horizontal
Addiction (shoulder) lowering arm down horizontal
External Rotation (shoulder)moving arm across body (waitress)
Internal Rotation (shoulder)moving arm away from body (waitress)
Horizontal Abduction (shoulder)moving arm away from midline
Horizontal Adduction (shoulder) moving arm back towards midline
Flexion (knee)bending knee
Extension (knee)regular standing position
Internal Rotation (knee)rotating the knee inwards
External Rotation (knee)rotating the knee outwards

Section 5

Question Answer
Flexion (hip)kicking your leg up
Extension (hip)kicking your leg back
Internal Rotation (hip) turning knee towards body
External Rotation (hip)turning knee away from body
Abduction (hip)kicking leg out away from body (fan)
Adduction (hip)kicking leg across body (fan)
Dorsiflextion (ankle)flexing foot upwards
Plantarflextion (ankle)pointing foot down
Inversion (ankle)outside of ur foot is touching ground (how u broke ur foot)
Eversion (ankle)inside of ur foot is touching ground

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