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Question Answer
Flexion ToesPointing the toes toward the floor
Extension ToesPulling toes toward nose
Dorsiflexion AnkleUpward movement of the the ankle
Plantar Flexion AnkleDownward movement of the ankle towards the floor
Inversion AnkleMoving the ankle inside
Eversion AnkleMoving the ankle outside
Flexion KneeBending of the knee (high knees)
Extension KneeWalking position
Internal Rotation KneeRotating the knee towards the body
External Rotation KneeRotating the Knee away from the body
Flexion HipKicking your leg up
Extension HipKicking your leg back
Internal Rotation HipTurning the knee towards your body (laying down)
External Rotation HipTurning the knee away from the body (laying down)
Abduction HipFemur moves away from the body
Adduction HipFemur moves toward the body
Flexion Spine Forward bending (u hoe)
Extension SpineArching the back
Lateral Flexion Turning side to side
Lateral Rotation Cracking that back
Flexion ShoulderRaising your arm up
Extension Shoulder Dropping that arm down
Abduction ShoulderMoving arm away from body (raised)
Adduction Shoulder Moving arm towards the body (beside body)
External Rotation ShoulderMoving arm into body (waiter)
Internal Rotation Shoulder

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