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Mountain Novel

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Question Answer
Why did the author write this book?He wrote it fulfill his dream on running away to the forest and living in peace.
Who did the autor write this book for?Anyone who wants to runaway from home to the forest.
Why was the book rejected?Because the publisher thought it wasn’t good to encourage kids to run away?
Why was the book published after it got rejected?Because Sharon Bannigan said it’s better to run to the forest than to the city.
Chp1: What type of climate is it in.A snow storm.
Chp1: How long has it been since he ran away from home?8 months
Chp1: What/who is The Baron.Is a wild weasel who lives behind the bigger boulder to the north of sam’s tree.
Chp1: What are the mountains’s name Catskill Mountain.
Chp1: from what city did Sam run away from?New York
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