Motivation and Theorists

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Section 1

Question Answer
What does motivation improve?Efficiency, productivity, quality, lowers absenteeism.
What does autocratic and democratic management mean?Autocratic = senior management make all decisions. Democratic = employees involved in decision making.
Which motivational theorists link to Autocratic? Which link to Democratic?Autocratic = Frederick Taylor, Douglas McGregor's Theory X. Democratic = Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, Douglas McGregor's Theory Y.
What does Taylor's theory involve?Scientific management - maintaining close control over employees - autocratic. Links to Theory X
What does Elton Mayo's theory involve?Human Relation Management - Motivating employees and meeting social/ human needs (better communication and team-working). Links to Maslow - social
What does Abraham Maslow's theory involve?Five levels of human needs (Psychological, safety, social, esteem, self actualisation). Links Social to Mayo, Safety/ Esteem/ Self actualisation to Herzberg.
What does Frederick Herzberg's theory involve?Two factor theorem - Motivators (responsibility/ recognition) and Hygiene (safe environment). Links to Maslow Lvl 2/4/5.
What does Douglas McGregor's theory involve?Believed managers had 2 views - Theory X - lazy (autocratic) - Theory Y - enjoy job (democratic). Links X=Taylor, Y=Maslow lvl 4
What does Peter Drucker's theory involve?Motivation by objectives - measure performance. Links - Mayo (communication).
What does Tom Peter's theory involve?In search of excellence (everyone working together) - people are crucial (financial incentives/ job security).

Section 2

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Why is piece rate pay good/ bad for a business?Good= less supervision, higher speed, motivates workers. Bad= focus on quantity not quality, repetitive.
Why is performance related pay good/ bad for a business?Good= sets targets, focus on objectives.
What is Job Enrichment?Giving employees more challenging/interesting jobs.
What is Job Enlargement?Giving employees more tasks to complete.