Most used SBI PO

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Question Answer
HarbingerA person or thing which signals the approach of another
BizarreVery strange or unusual
ParochialHaving a limited or narrow outlook
SanguineCheerfully positive and confident
MagnanimousLarge-hearted or forgiving
SublimeExtreme and unparalleled
RestraintA measure to keep something/someone under control
TrepidationTremulous fear or agitation
ImperturbableIncapable of being upset or agitated
CongenialAgreeable and pleasing in nature or character
StridentMaking or having a harsh sound
EgalitarianAsserting equality for all people
ConfluenceThe place where two or more water bodies meet
DiabolicHaving the qualities of the devil
LavishOccurring or happening in profusion
InsolentBoldly rude or disrespectful
VagrantA person who wanders about idly and is homeless and jobless
GregariousFond of the company of other people
VivaciousFull of vigour and energy
EnigmaAn inexplicable person or situation
LecherousCharacterised by inappropriate behaviour
AmbivalentHaving mixed feelings about someone or something
BlasphemyImpure action or words concerning something religious or sacred
AssuageTo make milder or less severe
LugubriousExtremely sad and depressed