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National 4 and 5 Graphic Communication

On this page you will learn some more techy terms for Computer Graphics. Good Luck!

Techy Terms (A-D)


Question Answer
AttachmentName given to a file sent within an email
Backing StoreDevice used to store files or software
BluerayName given to a format of optical storage
Cloud StorageStoring files or software on online server through the internet
DownloadBring back file from another computer, server or backing device of internet
Drawing TabletInput device used to draw directly into a graphics package with a pad and stylus

Techy Terms (E-I)


Question Answer
ErgonomicsDesign and manufacture of products to reduce risk of injury from RSI
EthernetHigh speed communication port used to connect networks or internet routers
ExportSending file from software package so another program can use it
GraphicsComputer device that processes graphics and contains the GPU and VRAM
ImportLoad file from one software package into another
InputDevice that connects computer and sends data into CPU for processing
Internet ProtocolRule that governs communication over the internet

Techy Terms (L-P)


Question Answer
Local Area NetworkComputers connected in local area which share resources, internet, printers and scanners
MonitorOutput device displaying graphics, text and images
Operating SystemSoftware that controls computer device
OutputDevice that connects computer and presents results of CPU for processing via sound, images or movement
PrinterOutput device that gives paper hard copy of images, graphics or text
ProcessWork a computer system takes when making calculations or decisions

Techy Terms (S-W)


Question Answer
Scanner2D and 3D input devices used to get paper-based graphics or models of physical items into computers
TwainProtocol that lets scanners and digital cameras share images with computers
UploadPhrase used to send a file from one computer or internet to a server, backing store device or another computer
WirelessShort range radio adapter that allows computer devices to access local network or internet

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