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Question Answer
Two times dailybid\
twice daily1cb\
twice a day1tb\
once dailyond\
three times a day1tt\
Before mealsAC\
Take 1 tablet by mouth daily1d\
With 8 oz of water8w\
Apply to affected areaaaa\
Before a mealacc\
Before breakfastacb\
Before dinneracd\
As directedad\
Apply sparingly to affected areaasaa\
Apply sparingly to affected areaasp\
Chew and swallow 1 tabletc1t\
Dissolve 1 tablet on tongued1t\
then increase dose todec\
Equivalent toeq\
On an empty stomaches\
with a full glass of waterfgw\
One half to One tablet by mouthh1t\
Half an hourhh\
One half tabletht\
One drop into both eyesou\
Every dayqd\
Every eveningqpm\
Every weekqwk\
Swish and swallowss\
Swish and spit outsso\
Use as directeduad\
With a mealwam\
With foodwf\
With water or juicewj\
With waterww\
Apply one patchpat\
Apply one patch weeklypatw\
After mealspc\
In the eveningpm\
Evening mealpmm\
As needed for painprnp\
As needed for severe painprnsvp\
Every morningqam\
For allergiesfal\
For anxietyfanx\
For arthritisfart\
For coughfc\
For chest painfcp\
For coughing and wheezingfcw\
For diarrheafd\
For diabetisfdi\
For depressionfdp\
For headachefha\
For high blood pressurefhbp\
For high cholesterolfhch\
For heartfhrt\
For hypertensionfhtn\
For insomniafins\
For nauseafn\
For nausea and vomitingfnvo\
For sleepfs\
For shortness of breathfsob\
For severe painfsvp\
For thyroidfthy\
For dizzinessfve\
For vomitingfvo\
For wheezingfw\

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