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t cellsproduced by thymus gland, actively participating in immune response
b cellsnot produced by thymus, produces antibodies
autimmunenot knowing the difference between self and non self
celiacs diseaseforces body to produce antibodies and ruin intestine
what cant be treated by antibioticsviruses and head colds
Type 1 diabetesinsulin diet and excersize will not cure, unable to bring glucose into cell
type 2 diabeteslater age fixed by better diet and more excersize
Hepatitis Cno vaccine,spreads easily,can be chronic
Hepatitis Apreventable by vaccine, spread through food or water
Hepatitis Bpreventable by vaccine, spread through sexual contact
Eosinophilwhite blood cells containing granules
5 types of white blood cellsneutrophils,basophils,eosinophils,lymphocytes,monocytes,macrophages
Epiglottiscovers trachea so food does not get in your lungs
signs of inflammationredness,pain,swelling,heat
flu shotneew one every year becuase viruses mutates

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