More Gases in G Chem 2

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What does Graham ask?Which gas should escape faster from the balloon? The faster they travel, the more they run into the balloon hole and escape.
What is the difference temperature/kinetic energy and the speed of gas?The molecules of two different gases at the same temperature have the same kinetic energy. But they do have the same speed.
Lighter molecules travel faster, because the kinetic energy depends on both mass + speed.
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What is pressure?Force per are
What is elastic?The kinetic energy is the same as before!
Do gases travel at the same speed?No, even with one type of molecule the speeds travel at different speeds.
What are two assumptions in KMT?Molecules are so small they they take up 0 volume & no intermolecular forces w/in ideal gas. End up as exceptions.
What causes gases to deviate from KMT?High pressures and low temperatures cause it to deviate. Gas liquifies.
Real gases do experience IMF reducing collisions within container.
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What leads gases to their ideal state?Low pressure and high temperatures. The lower molecular weight or smaller the size of molecules ⇒ the more ideal of its behaviour.
Monoatomic gases are more ideal than diatomic gases
Weaker the IMFs the more ideal.
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What is a solution?Can involve any three phases of matter.
What is alloy?A solid mixed with a solid.
What is the concentration of a solution?Tells me how much solute is dissolved in the actual solvent. A concentration solution has a greater amount of solute per unit volume than a solution that is dilute.
What is a saturated solute?One in which no more solute will dissolve.
What is the molar saturated solute?When something is saturated, reverse process of dissolution called precipitation.
What is dynamic equilibrium?When the solute and solvent dissolve at the same rate.
What is solubility?Amount of solute that will saturate a particular solvent; solubility varies w/temperature up/down based upon solute/solvent).
What is the solubility of solids and liquids?Solubility usually goes up w/increasing temperature
What is the solubility of gases in liquids?Decreases with increasing temperature.
What is MOLARITY? (M)Concentration of solution in terms of moles; MOLARITY = [# moles of solute / # liters of solution]
What is MOLALITY? (m)Concentration in terms of moles of solute, per mass (in kg) of solvent. Molality = [# moles of solute / # kg of solvent]
What is the difference between molarity & molality?Molality does not change w/temperature; Molality is useful for measuring properties involving temperature change. Molarity changes.
What is a mole fraction?Fraction of a mole for a given substance (S). Useful way to talk about concentration w/multiple solutes.
S = [# moles of substance / total # moles in solution]
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Which solutes are soluble in solvents?Like Dissolves Like. Especially when IMFs being broken are being replaced by equal/stronger IMFs.
How do ions dissolve?Ionic substances dissociate into ions.
What are electrolytes?Free ions in a solution.