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the transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object movework
kinetic energy depends on speed and mass
potential energy depends onweight and height
two objects in contact w/ each other are conidered to be inthermal equilibrium
name 3 types of PEgravitational, elastic, chemical
someone lifting an object is an example of gravitational PE
a streched rubber band is an example ofelastic PE
the bonds between atoms of food are associated w/chemical PE
in order for an action to be considered workthe object must move in the direction of the force
the sum of KE and PE of the particles that make up an object isthermal energy
the sum of KE and PE in a system of objects ismechanical energy
heat moves from a region ofhigher temp to lower temp
when energy changes form, _________waste energy is released
when friction occurs, _________mechanical energy is transformed into thermal energy
energy that electromagnetic waves carry isradiant energy
the law of conservation of energy states thatenergy can change form and region, but cannot be created or destroyed

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