joretunu's version from 2017-06-02 16:57

Section speechless. How can anyone anyone accuse me of being a snob. I mean I am like the friendliest in the entire class. Remember? When I brought Godiva to the entire homeroom. I even gave one to that really weird girl with the ripped jeans. And I don't even know like her name. I know your jealous. Look I would've invited you to my pool party, Really I would've , But I was trying to protect you. And this is how you show your gratitude. I know that you don't have that much money, Not that it matters , heaven knows and I didn't want you to worry about buying a new swimsuit that's all . Here I am worrying about your feelings and reputation. And how do you thank me by calling me a snob. Well just to show you who's the bigger person- I'm not talking in actual size because you got me there. But just to show how un snobby . I forgive you. My momma always says forgive and forget. Especially if the person is poor and a chubby girl. Its up to us, those blessed in society to set an example for those beneath us