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You don't understand? You're angry? What has led you to this place? Not your sex. Not your race. Not your class. YOUR OWN ACTIONS. And you're angry. You ask me here. What do you want? You want to "charm" me. You want to "convince" me. You want me to recant. I will not recant. Why should I...? What I say is right. You tell me, you are going to tell me that you have a wife and child. You are going to say that you have a career and that you've worked for twenty years for this. Do you know what you've worked for? Power. For power. Do you understand? And you sit there, and you tell me stories. About your house, about all the private schools, and about privilege, and how you're entitled. To buy, to spend, to mock, to summon. All your stories. All your silly weak guilt, it's all about privilege; and you won't know it. Don't you see? You worked twenty years for the right to insult me. And you feel entitled to be paid for it. Your Home. Your Wife...Your sweet "deposit" on your house...That's my point. You see? "Don't you have feelings?" Your final argument. What is it that has no feelings. Animals. I don't take your side, and you question if I'm Human.