Module 9

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Section 1

Question Answer
What does lesion mean?destroy
What does damage to hypothalamus do? reduces eating to point of starvation
How can scientists stimulate different parts of the brain?electrically, chemically or magnetically
What does our mental activity emit that would enable neuroscientists to observe our brain at work?electrical, metabolic and magnetic signals
Electroencephalogram (EEG)amplified readout of waves
PETshowing each brain area's consumption of its chemical fuel, glucose
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)scans the brain
Function MRI (fMRI)reveal brain's functioning and structure

Section 2

Question Answer
brainstemoldest, innermost region
Where is the brain stem?spinal cord swelling, medulla
Function of medullacontrols our heartbeat and breathing
Where is the thalamus?top of brain stem
What is the function of thalamus?acts as the brain's sensory switchboard. EXCEPT SMELL
Where is the reticular formation?inside the brainstem between the ears
Function of reticular formation.filters incoming stimuli and replays important information to other brain areas
What is the cerebellum known as?little brain
Function of cerebellumenables nonverbal learning and memory.
2 Function of cerebellumhelps judge time, modulate our emotions, and discriminate sounds and textures, coordinates voluntary movement

Section 3

Question Answer
What is the limbic system?neural system
What is included in the limbic system?hippocampus, amygdale and hypothalamus
What controls the pituitary gland?hypothalamus
What is the limbic system associated with?emotions and drives
Where is the amygdala?limbic system
Function of amygdalaemotion, aggression
Function of hypothalamus maintenance activity, eating, drinking, body temperature, reward
Function of hippocampusconcious memories